Sunday, 21 October 2012

Halloweenie - Glimmer By Erica - Spectral

Hi Goddesses

Right, we're going to have start whizzing through these Halloweenies a bit faster cos I have LOADS left to show you and not enough time!

The other week, I bought 3 Halloweenies / Autumn inspired polishes from Glimmer By Erica, who you've seen quite a bit of on this blog.  I love the chunkiness of her glitters and how colour-loaded they are.

Being the Ultimate Purple Polish Whore, you can imagine how loudly I squealed when Erica posted this polish in her Etsy store (here).  Look at how spookily perfectly purple it is :)

Spectral Hand made custom nail polish

And then look at my bottle.  Sadly, a lot more silver, and a lot less purple.  

This is the blessing and the curse of Indie polish makers.  Because everything is hand made, you do get variations.  Usually, those variations are within 10% or so, but I feel I got more of a variation here.  Usually, this doesn't bother me; I think I'm only grumpy because this isn't as insanely purple as I'd hoped.

So, what is Spectral?  Well, it's a glitterbomb of purple, blue and silver pieces.  There are burgundy and garnet glitters in there too, but I had a hard job seeing them (although they do show up better on the photos than they did in real life).  Seriously, I'm so one-track-minded all I can see is the silver!

Erica's polishes are chunky and can therefore be easily worn on their own.  This is 2 coats over a base of PVA glue, which can I say, is the best discovery of the year!  If you haven't tried it yet, I really urge you to do it, especially if you're wearing glitter  - it just peels off when you're ready.

Oh, that's also the little thing you can see on my ring finger. It's not a massive chunk of skin, but a piece of glue I didn't spot with my naked eye.

So, all in all, a nice glitter, but not quite as dramatically purple as I thought it would be.  Maybe next time I'll layer it to give it more ooooomph.

Enjoy xx :)
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