Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloweenie - Glimmer By Erica Vampire's Desire

Hi Goddesses

I am absolutely speechless at the Indie Polish Makers at the moment.  Most of them have released Halloween Collections, and the collective output is STUNNING.  The creativity on display has absolutely taken my breath away, so much so that I thought I would do a round up post of my favourite Halloween polishes - until I realised it would be too difficult to pick a winner.

So here's another polish that could be a winner.  Vampire's Desire is a STUNNING red and purple glitter combo from Glimmer By Erica and .... argh, it doesn't get much more perfect for me.

Erica describes it as red, garnet, burgundy, gold and purple glitters, and I am soooooo grateful that the camera has picked that up.   The collision of these tones is just perfect, like smooshed cherries and grapes :)

When I wore this, the thing that struck me most was how the darker glitters looked like dried blood, making this look like the aftermath of a vampire's feast.  Fresh blood and dead blood swirl and merge in dark perfection.

I layered this over a Sally Hansen Prism which is a silver holo, and I think it made a really good base.  All the nails are just one coat of Vampire's Desire, except the thumb and the middle finger which are 2.

Erica's polishes are thick enough that you can wear them without undies, but I quite like the strung out 1 coat state of this one.

So, not heavenly, but darkly, devilishly luscious.  Enjoy xx :)
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