Saturday, 27 October 2012

Halloweenie - The Polish Bar Witchs Delight

Hi Goddesses

Let's start with an apology shall we, for the lack of posts yesterday.  I was a little sleepy at work, so when I got home at 6.30, I decided to have a little snoozette.   Usually, I then wake up between 9 and 10, have something to eat, do the blog, go back to bed.  Well .... this time when I woke up it was this morning !  Whoops!!  Still, it's the first time in forever I can remember seeing a time before 9am on a weekend lol.

This post more than makes up for it though - another stunner from The Polish Bar.   I am loving Janice's polishes.  I got about 6 I think in my swap with Katee, and you'll see most of the rest soon on Work Wear Wednesdays, as they are all rainy coloured polishes if that makes sense - greys and lilacs, with the odd storm cloud thrown in.

Anyway, back to Witch's Delight - could this BE more Crumpet-in-a-bottle ?  Wow.  This is a mix of orange, black and purple glitter (ie pure Halloween) in a clear base and it is STUNNING.

I love the effect of these glitters.  The orange clashes fabulously with the darker glitters, whilst the purple is decently attention grabbing too.  And then the black just grounds it.  Perfection.

I layered this over KIKO 318, a lovely creamy mauve, and I don't think I could have picked a more perfect base - it allows all the colours to shine.  It compliments the glitters without ever once detracting from them.

So, total love from me on this one.  I'm now on holiday for a whole week!!!  Prepare yourselves as you may get a little bombarded.  I really want to get the vault emptied, so I think I'm going to do some big SPAM posts to get rid of them all lol.

Next week there will still be the Halloweenies and then Thursday sees the start of 30 Days of Purple - yup, November is all about my beloved purple :)

Soon xx  Enjoy :)
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