Sunday, 14 October 2012

Haulin' Haulin'

Hi Goddesses

This is hardly going to shock you but ... I've been a naughty Crumpet lately.   It was all predicted to go sooooo well, and then all those pesky indie makers started bringing out Halloween colours !!!  Damn them !!  And what did they all make ??  Reds and Purples !!!  Double damn them !!!!

So er ... yeh ... bought a couple .....

3 of the lovelies from Glimmer By Erica's fall collection.  Purple and red ....

3 polishes to review from the lovely Tough As Nails ... purple!!!!

I finally placed my first Black Cat order.  I'm sure that when I last wanted to order, international shipping wasn't available, so I was soooo excited to discover that it was.

And being the super loveliest, Sabrina also included 5 babies for me to review.

I'd been looking forward to the Crows Toes Halloweenies for weeks - rude not to.  Rude.

I was buying some w7s for a friend for our swap, and picked up a couple for myself.  They're £2 each.  That's practically free!!

A super KBShimmer swap with Chelsea.

My first order from Sonnetarium.

A super swap with my polish Momma, Elizabeth Stern.  My first Lacquistrys !!!

LLarowe blueys .... hmmmm similar blueys :(

China Glaze Glitter Goblin and Alter Ego Armed Forces Vet which I have lemmed for the longest time.

2 Zoyas I've been lusting - Kristen and Myrta

a super Pretty and Polished haul from Llarowe.  This is why I love Leah Ann.  Chelsea chooses not to ship international from her Etsy store, but she wholesales to Leah Ann who does :)  Enabler !!!

Daring Digits had a ridiculous sale the other week - rude not to.

As did Darling Diva Polish (man I am always almost mixing those 2 up).  Some super gorgeous goodies here.


Then my lovely polish angel Katee from A Girl and Her Polish :)  Ah, I loves her.  She wanted the Barry M gellies, and in return got me my first Polish Bar polishes.   I cannot wait to try them.

She also filled the box with enough candy to feed Africa bless her.

And another of my polish loves Lyncia, picked me up some full-sized bottles of KBShimmer.  You may remember me reviewing these a few weeks ago - well, they are so special I wanted back ups!  She also slipped a Girly Bits in, and lots of extra goodies :)

Aaaaah ... I am off to play .... but .. oh, decisions are required .... oh no ... too many options  .... decision crisis ..... HELP !!!!!! 

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