Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Megatastic Blog Sale !!!!

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to my 2nd blog sale!!

I have had an even bigger clearout this time.  I've decided to be totally brutal.  Anything that is a dupe of something I've got is in this sale, and anything I've worn only once this year and not had a yearning to wear again is in this sale.  That means there are some stunning Indies and HTFs.

Same rules as before -
* prices are listed under the photos and are in GBP.  If you are in the US, there is roughly $1.5 to every £, so if something is priced at £4 it would cost $6
* I will ship internationally - remember, shipping costs will need to be added to any prices.  This is not a sales pitch, but it is cheaper to send more polishes - currently it's about £3 or £4 to send 1 polish to the US but only £5 to send 3
* any questions should be emailed to
* if you want to buy, email and provide your paypal address so that I can invoice you. Please also let me know what country you are in so that I can calculate shipping
* I am planning to ship most items the weekend of 26th October
* items that are sold will get the traditional line through them
* finally - if you're in any doubt, use Google images to check the colours out in more detail.  A lot of them have also been swatched on the blog, so feel free to use the search box to find the post

* BN means Brand New, never worn
* Sw means Swatched - usually only on 1 nail (certainly 1 hand or less)
* w1 means worn once - this has been used for 1 full mani.  w2 means worn twice etc

So, let's have a lookie shall we ....

GRAB BAGS !!!!  10 polishes for £10.  £6 shipping to UK, £9 to Europe.  These are mainly medium priced brands - Wet n Wild, Color Club, all sorts of random glitters that I've picked up. There's a few European polishes in there, but mainly they are American.  There's the odd random expensive one as well.  Lots of great glitters and toppers.  10 bags available.

Lynderella Ruby Red Ruby BN £16  and Boy Girl Party sw £25

Essie - all £4 - Nice is Nice w1, Absolutely Shore w1, School of Hard Rocks w1 and Angora Cardi sw

Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed w1 £20, Dollish Polish Team Salvatore w1 £10, Pretty and Polished Beach Bunny £6 BN

Lush Lacquer all BN £5 - Sugar Daddy, Birthday Cake, Tropical Kisses, Slime Time

Lush Lacquer all £5, all BN except Pinky Swear w1 - Razzmatazz, Bananaberry Blast, Pinky Swear, Summer Lovin, Party Hearty

Blues £1 each LA Glitter Aqueous w1, LA Colors BN, SH Teal-y Cool sw, Nubar Boyfriend Jeans BN £5, NYX Under The Moon BN £2

Claire's Hollywood BN £2, New York Summer Hollywood Night BN £1, NYX Frizz Spots BN £2, All That Glitters Spottie Dottie Dark w1 £3

Sinful Colors Call You Later BN £1, Orly Ancient Jade w1 £2, Color Club Wish Upon A Rockstar w1 £4, Icing Birthday Beyotch w1 £3

LA Glitter Addict Flamboyant w1 (this IS full, the glitter has just settled slightly) £2, Jordana Sequins BN £2, Color Club Wild and Willing duochrome w1 £4, SH Downtown Rubies w1 £5

SH Purple Pulse BN £2, Chi purple magnetic polish BN £1, Milani Totally Cool BN £3

Zoya £5 each - Mira w1, Kimber w1, Carly w1, FeiFei w1

Butter London £6 each - Branwen's Feathers BN, Toff w3, Marrow w1, Lovely Jubbly BN, Bossy Boots w3

OPI A Peony For Your Thoughts, Happy Anniversary BN £5

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby BN £6, Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs sw1 £6, Catherine The Grape w1 £5, Pepe's Purple Passion w1 £4

OPI Meep Meep Meep w1 £5, Animal-istic w2 £5, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI w1 £4, Boris & Natasha w1 £7

OPI Little Red Wagon BN £5, I Don't Do Dishes w1 £7 rare, 20 Candles On My Cake w2, dirty base only, £4

Picture Polish BN £6 each - Bombshell, Voodoo and Peacock

Ozotic 529 w1 discontinued £10 and 617 w2 discontinued £10

a-England Ascalon and Avalon w1 £5 each, Hard Candy Hot Pants  BN £4, and Hard Candy Beetle w1 £5

NOPI - Hello World w1 (jelly) £4, Sensational Scarlet w1 £6, Make U Smile BN £5

Sephora What's Your Poison w1 £5, Spark-tacular (75-80% full) £4 and OPI I Juggle Men w1 £6

Models Own all £4 and BN unless indicated - Purple Mystique, Purple Ash w1, Dusty Mauve, Disco Mix, Purple Blue Beetlejuice w1, Blooming Pink w1 and Blue Med

Nails Inc - Heather Grey w2 £4, Sloane Square BN £6, Houses of Parliament purple magnetic BN £7, Kensington Court BN £4

all £2 and w1 unless otherwise indicated - Barry M Vivid Purple, Catrice Genius In The Bottle, GOSH Hero Holographic (the new version) £5, Galactus by Pretty and Polished, Bettina purple and Essence flakie

China Glaze £3 each and BN unless indicated - Beauty and the Beach, Oxygen, Flying Dragon Neon w1 £5, Cloud Nine, Orange Marmalade

Essence TWINS !!!  all available separately.   Bella and Edward, w1 £5 each, Gabriella and Troy w1 £5 each, Louise £8 BN, Clyde 80% £6

Have fun and enjoy xx :)

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