Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models Own Dancing Queen

Hi Goddesses

So here, finally, is the 5th polish from the Models Own Mirrorball collection.   Dancing Queen is "the green one", so I deliberately saved it for my Greenie end to the month.

To be fair, I'm almost loathe to call this the Green One.  The green doesn't stand out massively, and to me, the blue and the gold speak just as loudly.

Unlike the other Mirrorballs, this isn't filled with reflections of itself, so rather than having light and dark green glitters, it's ending up with this green-gold-blue compromise, which for me doesn't quite work.

Don't get me wrong, I like the gold, and I still love all the different glitter shapes, but blue already had a Mirrorball of it's own, why did it have to be greedy?  (especially when there is no green in the blue one).  And is it just my eyes, or is there really more blue than green anyway ?

This is layered over KIKO 319 a lovely taupey colour, and you'll see that in Work Wear Wednesday soon.

Enjoy xx :)
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