Saturday, 6 October 2012

Oooooooh Orange Holo Comparison

Hi Goddesses

As October always seems to be an orange-fest, thanks to Halloween, I thought I would do a comparison post for you. Firstly, please allow me to express my shock that I actually HAVE 5 orange holos - how the hell did THAT happen ??!  A year ago, I didn't even WEAR orange .....

From time to time I have these "Holy Grail" moments, where I want to find the perfect THIS or the perfect THAT and I think the orange holo, accidentally became one of those.   

So, who are our players ?

thumb - Darling Diva Polish - Slutty Pumpkin
index - Enkelini - Lainey Lou
middle - Enchanted Polish - Sour Patch Kid
ring - HITS Demeter
pinkie - Catherine Arley 806

So, the first obvious thing to note is that 2 of the oranges are different - step forward Sour Patch Kid and Demeter.  Both of these are what I would call corally-oranges, whilst the others are more golden-oranges.

There's also no prizes for spotting that one of these holos contains glitter!  I was more interested though in how the base colour of Slutty Pumpkin compared.

Surprisingly, each orange is SLIGHTLY different.  Let's take the golden-oranges first.

The darkest (by a smidge) of these 3 is Lainey Lou, on the index finger.  It's also slightly more pigmented and therefore the more "orange".

Slutty Pumpkin, on the thumb, is a tad paler, but I do think it's true colour is obscured by the glitter - it drags your eye away from the holoey goodness.

Catherine Arley, on the pinkie, is definitely the palest and the most golden, but lovely all the same.

To be honest, I don't think there's much to choose between SPK and Demeter colour-wise; the difference is in the texture.

Sour Patch Kid is slightly darker, but also a little more sugary in it's holo-ness.  Demeter (on the ring finger) is more elegant and subtle, whereas SPK is coarser.

Overall, these are ALL winners.  Do you need 5?  Noooooo.  Hell, not even I need all 5.   So which ones are likely to bite the dust ?

Aaargh don't make me do this!  Don't make me choose between my children!   Let's just say that IF I manage to make a decision, it will be in the blog sale which is coming up in a week or 2.  I am having a MASSIVE clear out of everything I have used once or less in the last year, and I'm also thinking of doing some grab bags.

Enjoy xx :)
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