Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sat-ART-Day Club - Reptiles

Hi Goddesses

I've never really done many reptilian manis, mainly because I have a deep phobia of snakes.  There's something about them that freaks me out - I can't even watch them on the telly.  However, given today's challenge, I thought I would drag the snakeskin out, and ... well... this one is "interesting".

I still can't decide if this mani is a success or a fail.  It's certainly "clever" and quite elaborate for me, but it didn't quite turn out how I hoped it would.

This mani started life back at the end of August for Green and Orange day in the endless Summer Challenge.  This is what it looked like then - 2 lovely coats of OPI Thanks A Windmillion and then some orange and green semi-translucent flakes.

Something about the flakes, and the way they changed with the light, reminded me of reptiles, and I thought a quick stamp with BM-215 would do the trick.   Noooooo.

I can't remember whether I stamped with a-England Dragon or  Princess Sabra first, but whichever one it was, you could barely see it over the flakes. So I then used the other colour, making sure I placed the stamp at a different angle, as I wanted to create a myriad of layers.

And this is what I ended up with :(   In my head, you were supposed to see deep flashes of gold from Princess Sabra, but she's pretty much in hiding.   I don't dislike this mani, but I just know it should have been so much better.

Don't forget to check out the rest of today's lovely ladies -enjoy xx :)

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