Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sonoma Nail Art - Deadly Zins

Hi Goddesses

Wow, we have a lot to get through today, so much so that I think I'm going to carry some of it over to tomorrow.  Here's what's left in the official October pot -
* 2 x Sonoma Nail Art
* 2 x Crows Toes Halloweenies
* final depression awareness post
* Work Wear Wednesday
* Go Pink for BCA

Lol, that's a lot.  So, I don't really think you want 7 posts from me today lol, so I'm going to spread them.  Today you get to see The Red One from Sonoma Nail Art's Halloween Collection - I'm going to save The Purple One for tomorrow, which sees the launch of 30 Days of Purple.

So, Deadly Zins.  Ah and wow.  What a gorgeous polish.  This is predominantly a red glitter, with purple and blackened specks, nestling in a red tinted base.

I wanted to layer this over purple for maximum impact - and wow, doesn't it make the red POP?  This is KIKO 333, a crazily intense dark purple, and it just captures the drama of Deadly Zins perfectly.

The accent nail is CG Velvet Bow, a STUNNING ruby that is just pure perfection.  I like that this base was dark enough to make the red pop, but red enough to also coax the purple glitters into the light.

So yes, total wow.  Stunning polish.  Beautiful in every way, and even better, this one will last all year round.   As I said last week, it's proving impossible to choose my favourite Halloweenie, but the Sonomas would be right near the top of the list - breathtaking.

Enjoy xx :)
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