Tuesday, 30 October 2012

SPAM-a-lot - The Jade Holos

Hi Goddesses

Do you remember me saying I was going to clear out the vault ?  Well, I'm doing it!  I've created 7 SPAM-a-lot posts, which are just jumbles of swatches and stuff, all linked together by a theme.  Mostly that theme is a colour, but a couple of them are also brands.  Most of the photos are taken with the old camera, and the posts will be short on words and heavy on photos - let's get started!

So waaaaaay back in the summer I got my Jade holos and was bowled over with them.  I even scheduled them all in my blogging diary !!  But er ... yeh, not sure what happened.  I even managed to capture some of them IN THE SUN !!! IN THE UK !!!

Ok, let's start with Jade Hypnose, a stunning sky blue.

All of the Jades have stunning linear holographic qualities.

This blue is light and bright  - perfect for spring and summer.

Next is the unparalleled Vermelho Surreal, a rich intense holographic red.

You have seen this one before, in the red holo comparison post, where it beat most of the other polishes.

This red is just STUNNING.  Thanks to Francini, I also have a backup bottle.  It's happiness in a bottle.

And then we have the pinks.  Jade released 3 pinks in the collection, and I really don't know why.  2 at a push, maybe, but 3 .... you wouldn't catch Zoya releasing 3 greens in THEIR collection ... oh, they just did :(

Seducao Rosa is the palest - very sugary.  Index.

Delirio Rosa - medium.  Middle and pinkie.

Deja Vu, darkest, best for my skin tone - thumb and ring.

You've already seen the gold one and the purple one in other posts.  I think that leaves me a black and a dark blue to play with.  See what happens when you try and wait for the sun in England !!

Enjoy - I'll be back with another SPAM-a-lot tomorrow xx :)
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