Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Digit-al Dozen Does Halloween - The Haunted House

Hi Goddesses

I'm very torn by today's mani.  Some of it is pure beauty, some it is wank, and none of it has photographed half as good as it looked in real life :(

The base is Crows Toes Murder By #s which I have already blogged tonight.  It's a sensational soup of colours, and it looked like purple twilight to me.

Around the edges I sponged a silver holo - a thin and cheap one - and then I stamped my house in the middle.

The house comes from plate OB26 and is the same one a lot of the spider mani came from.

Although my stamping has gotten pretty good this year, my lack of spatial awareness still trips me up, hence we have the WONKY house on the hill!   Is it straight on ANY of the nails ??  I don't think so ......

This has also photographed quite dark, which loses some of the impact.  In real life you could see much more clearly where the holo ended, giving the house a deeper sense of foreboding.

Also, now that everyone has entered these Halloween contests, I realise my house should probably have had at least one lit up window .... oh well, there's always next year!

Enjoy xx :)
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