Friday, 12 October 2012

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Halloween ..... Zombie Blood Splatter

Hi Goddesses

So, Halloween Week ends pretty much as it began, with me disappointed with most of my manis, and slapping my forehead at how inspired and creative all the other bloggers have been.  And not just my Digit-al Dozen lovelies; the Crumpet Nail Tarts have also been doing a Halloween Challenge, as have a few other groups, and I just don't understand how my head is soooooo blank on this subject lol.

I hit on the genius idea of not doing a blood splatter mani, but doing a Zombie blood splatter mani.  I even had in depth conversations as to what colour zombie blood would be - red?  black ? purple?  And again, the execution, whilst "nice" is just not what I wanted.

I'm going to start with the base.  I was so proud of this base, but you just can't see any of the complexity of it in these photos.  This had 3 or 4 different colours in there, mostly sponged to show aging and decrepit skin - there was white, beige, light grey and pale green.  I topped it with matte coat and it looked ROCKING - but then look - it looks like smooth pistachio in the photos!  Tut!

The splatter.  Well, eventually I decided on purple.  I thought that if blood decayed it would darken and move from red to black, and purple seemed a great contrast to the greenish skin.  I used KIKO 278, a medium-dark metallic.

I didn't quite get the effect I wanted - mainly I think because the polish is not opaque enough - but I do love the clash of those colours.  I also love how some of the nails look like butterflies!

So, not my most triumphant week, although I was quite proud of my spiders.   We're going green for Depression Awareness for the next couple of weeks - swatches, indies, depression-inspired nail art, autobiographical posts, the whole works.  There'll also be more Crows Toes and a LOT of Halloweenies.  There's a lot to cram in before the month ends .... cos something special is looming for November .....

Enjoy xx :)

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