Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Sat-ART-Day Club - Halloween

Hi Goddesses

Are you sick of Halloween yet ?  Lol.  I am loving all the manis I am seeing, I just don't know why mine suck so much!  Hey ho .....

Today I have some Halloween Roses for you .... and again, this sucks balls compared to what I had in my head :(  I was very excited though that I finally got to use my gravestone polish that Kirsten sent me last year!!!  It's official name is Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin.  And it's lush !!

It's SUCH a sparkly orange, it's crazy.  However, after I put one layer on, I wasn't sure it was going to build to opacity, so this became a bit of a sandwich - 1 layer Creepy Pumpkin, 1 layer Barry M Block Orange and then 2 layers of CP.  After a coat of Poshe these nails were as thick and glossy as gel nails - they looked so awesome.

Can you see how shiny and sparkly this is ??  Can you ??  Isn't it just GORGEOUS?  I regret waiting for Halloween to try this - it would have been a stunning summer polish.

I really was reluctant to stamp over it, but I did lol.   I wanted to go with roses and barbed wire, and I wanted to use pure Halloween colours - orange, purple, black and white.   

The purple I use - SH Purple Bolt - is usually a stamping winner, but sadly, it just couldn't compete with the orange, and although you can JUST about see it, it takes a lot of squinting.  If you wouldn't mind, please just *imagine* how much more awesome this would have looked if the purple were opaque lol.

Both these stamps are from BM-323, and this might even be the first time I've stamped one design over another.

Don't forget to check all the other Nail Tarts :) Enjoy xx

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