Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Work Wear Wednesday-ish - CROWS TOES Bunny Slope

Hi Goddesses

Ok, I warn you, I am about to wax lyrical, get poetic and metaphor my ass off.  This polish is SPECIAL.

As you know, me and white polish have a hate / hate thing going on, but this is possibly the most beautiful white polish ever created.   

Bunny Slope is a clear soup of tiny white glitter and holographic particle - THIS is snow in a bottle.

I don't often show you how polishes look at 1 coat, but just look at this.  Look at the delicacy, the lattice effect, the way it looks like a magnified snowflake.  Beautiful.

I honestly think you could get away with 1 coat of this as Work Wear.  It's subtle, it's not too flashy, and it's as cool as  ... well not hell, obviously .... 

At 1 coat or 2, it's also PERFECT bridal wear.  Just look at how intricate the glitter is as it fuses together, but in a barely touching each other kind of way.   I love that even when you try to make this opaque, it resists, due to the optical illusion created by the holographic glitter (and I LOVE that the holo parts are the darkest pieces of the polish, wow this is just Ice Queen central!)

Next - and this isn't the prettiest image - it reminds me of lace, or of those crocheted dresses women wear over bathing suits lol.  There's something barely there about this polish, partly due to the beautiful lattices it creates, but also because it looks so delicate, as if it could dissolve at any moment.

And that's the true beauty of Bunny Slope - it's fragility.  It sparkles like snow, and is as precious as a snowflake.  It glows with white fire yet is as cold as ice.   

It really is a work of beauty.

Enjoy xx :)
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