Sunday, 11 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 11 - Camouflage

Hi Goddesses

I am really in love with this mani, albeit it's not quite what I had in my head!

This is a camouflage mani, which is ridiculously easy to do - all you need is a dotting tool, some polishes and then off you go, making random squiggles!

I scuppered myself by using the gorgeous Sally Hansen Delphinium as a base.   Because she's quite a pink-toned lilac, I had to go with brownier (rather than bluer) purples, and sadly, most of my best ones are in the bluer group.

Second unfortunateness?  2 of the colours I chose were just tooooo similar :(  So you've got Bettina 191 (the dark one), then China Glaze Jungle Queen (medium dark) and Duri Grape Swirl (palest, and slightly metallic).

That said, I do love this combination of colours, there's something very striking and arresting about it, and it certainly has impact.

If you're scared of camouflage nails, don't be, they are soooo easy.  Best of all, the dotting tool does most of the work for you.  Place your dotting tool on your nail, and drag it halfway or two thirds of the way towards the other side.  As you do so, the line will thin itself out as the polish gets used up - this creates the perfect uneven, jagged appearance of your camouflage stripes.

Enjoy xx :)
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