Tuesday, 13 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 13 - OPI Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs meets KBShimmer The Square


Well, that was a short and catchy title wasn't it lol.  Today we have no art, but a pairing of 2 colours that I've had lingering around the vault for a few weeks now - OPI Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs and KBShimmer The Square.

This post combines 2 of my favourite things - purple polish and square glitter - and whilst the photos do look YUMMY, I wasn't loving this in real life.

Let's take Suzi first.  She's got that lovely shimmer that a lot of the Germanys have, but she doesn't woo me.   Suzi is a dark blue-toned magenta - and it veers into territory I don't like.  There's something a little too blue and a little too brash about this polish for my liking.

I don't deny she looks a wowzer in the photos, so it's quite sad I didn't love her more.  She must have some diva in her, as she is vamping it up big time for the camera :)

So, on to The Square.  The thing about KBShimmer polishes is that they're gorgeous.  And once you own 1, you want them ALL.   I've got quite the little harem going, and there's a huge KBShimmer SPAM post on its way soon.

The Square is a glitterbomb suspended in a violet jelly base.   Although you would be able to get a lovely jelly sammich effect from this polish, I'm finding that I prefer these jellies layered over something more opaque - it tends to give it more depth, and show off the glitter better.

I don't care how many I own, I NEVER get tired of square glitter.  I just love it, and this one contains all sorts of squares - white, gold, fuschia, blue - and actually, it did match Suzi pretty perfectly.

Enjoy xx :)
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