Friday, 16 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 14 - Girly Bits INTO THE NIGHT

Helloooo and Hola

Hello my lovely ladies and apologies for my relative silence this week.  I've been suffering with a sinus related migraine since Wednesday, which has made it impossible to blog (the Work Wear Wednesday post had been prepared earlier).  Added to that, Beth has spoken in nothing but high-pitched squeals as we count down to the arrival of Bluebelle the kitten tomorrow!

So let's catch up the Purples first. I have to say, this may be my very favourite challenge I have ever done.  It's been so easy and enjoyable, and hasn't felt like effort at all.  I think  30 Days of Purple is going to have to be an annual event.

Today I have a gorgeous polish from Girly Bits - Into The Night.   As I've mentioned, I tend to avoid buying dark polishes, as they really struggle against my skin tone, and when I first saw this, I decided against it.

Anyway, my lovely friend Lyncia then bought it for me as an unexpected gift and as I unwrapped it, I gave it a teeny weeny wolf whistle - I hadn't realised the base was purpish !!!  Or that it was LOADED with holographic glitter !!  That makes this one very special polish indeed :)

I used a base of KIKO 333 Brilliant Violet as this looked a very fine glitter polish, and I've decided I'm never wearing those without undies again! Into The Night is quite a thick composition, which given the fineness of it's glitter, is excellent news - it means it goes on thick and easy, and doesn't require a lot of manipulation.

I honestly can't tell you how stunning this polish looked on my fingers.  Why?  Because my photos are shit !!  There was WAY too much holo sparkle going on for my camera to control itself, and almost all the photos I took are blurred or off focus.  Trust me though, if you love purple, and you love holo, you NEED this polish.

I then stamped over it with this rose pattern from DRK-B.   As with a lot of the DRK-B images, it went on a little thicker and more solid than I would have liked - I would have preferred to see more of the polish between the stamping, but hey ho!

Enjoy xx :)
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