Friday, 16 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 15 - Ozotic 902 Sugar ... and a feather

Hi Goddesses

I have always been a massive supporter of the Ozotic brand. From the moment I first laid eyes on them, I couldn't get enough of them, from their amazing holos to their duochromes to their Elytras - I quickly and lustily amassed 20 or so.

Then a couple of months ago, they retired most of their famous polishes.  Sad, but also exciting.  I had no doubt that all the new shades were going to be awesome, and even more special than what they'd released before.  But no, one by one, they've left me underwhelmed and rather sad.

So I had already decided to leave these new polishes alone when Kim from Overall Beauty asked me if I'd like to review one.  I did think twice, as I didn't want to be disappointed, but I'd also seen them look more interesting over black.  I hummed and hawwed and then, not surprisingly, I chose the purple one :p

And THIS is why I am so grateful that wonderful people out there let me review their polishes.  There is no way I would have bought this, but now that I've worn it ?  Wow, call this one of my most sensational purples.

Sugar 902 is just amazing.  It's high on duochrome, blurpleness, zing, electricity, sizzle, shine, dazzle, and just out of this worldness.  It's AMAZEBALLS.

You'll no doubt notice there's some pretty strange hand positions in this post.  Nope, not because I took leave of my senses, but because I was trying to show the multiple personalities of this colour - it can be blurple, grape, aubergine and blueberry, all at the same time.

I really didn't want to layer over black, so I didn't.  Instead, I chose a pure dark purple - Zoya Pinta, which is pretty much as perfect and pure as deepest darkest purple gets.

So after 2 layers of Pinta and 2 layers of Sugar 902, my plan was to be ultra cool, and stamp over the mani in a dark purple.  Unfortunately, neither the purple nor the pattern were remotely visible lol, so I had to go for something a bit more obvious!

Eventually I settled on this fabulous feather design from LLC-A.  As I've said before, the designs on this plate are HUGE, so unless you have talons, you're unlikely to get the full image down in one go.

Instead, I tried to show aspects of it over the various nails - you can't deny it's a gorgeous stamp, it's just a real shame it wouldn't all fit on one nail.

Enjoy xx :)
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