Saturday, 17 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 16 - Catrice Dirty Berry Movember-ness

Well hello there!

Bluebelle is in the building!!  She is adorable, she is tiny and she is only 6 weeks old!!!  No photos of her though in this post as Beth wants to do a weekly blogpost :)   So, just like with all babies, Mommy is blogging while baby is napping :)

It was one of my goals in November to use LOTS of my new nail art stuff, and I'm sad to say, I think we're going to end the month with a lot of it still untouched - oops.  Today however is a day that I DID play with the goodies in my toy box.

Firstly we have Catrice Dirty Berry which was on my wishlist for the longest time - I think it was the first purple I really started craving when I began blogging.  It's a stunning greyed out purple holo.

Just look at it - ugh, SUBLIME.  This colour is soooo spot-on, and the holo is just enough, without being over powering.

Now, these were originally going to be glitter chevrons.  I started with a different type of glitter, but it didn't really work - hence all the blobby gunky stuff on the thumb.  Then somewhere along the way we seem to have lost a rhinestone off the pinkie - ppppffff.

Also, when I uploaded the photos today, I thought my chevrons looked a bit droopy, and not as crisp as I would have wanted (but it was my first try).  So, in a cunning manoeuvre, they are now droopy moustaches for Movember lol.

If I'd gotten this a bit more right, I think it would have looked quite simple and elegant.  Still, as a first attempt, I'm not too disheartened.

Enjoy xx :)
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