Saturday, 17 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 17 - Sally Hansen Delphinium


Well after an amazing first day with Bluebelle, it was time to go with something simple, and I did promise I would post this at some point in November.

Sally Hansen Delphinium is one of my very favourite polishes.  At first glance, it might seem an odd choice, after all, it has no glitters, no flakies, no flashiness, nothing showy.  And that, ladies, is the essence of its beauty - its purity.

Dephinium is probably my favourite lilac base, and one I reach for a lot.  Probably the only one I use as much is OPI Planks A Lot, which is darker and a lot bluer.

So what makes Delphinium so perfect for me ?  Well, firstly there's the gorgeousness of the colour, all pinky beigey toned lilacness, so soft, so cashmere.  It's super glossy, super classy and super elegant, and there's also something truly timeless about it.

Beyond that, there's something about this colour that instantly soothes me.  It's a polish that instantly makes me happy and calm and smiley.

And do you know what?  In this age of one-upmanship, where every polish seems showier than the last, I love that this polish is so simple, so pure and so beautiful for being what at heart a great polish should be - an awesome colour,  trapped like a fairy in a bottle, just waiting, effortlessly, to glide onto your nails.

Enjoy xx :)
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