Sunday, 18 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 18 - Cut Out Water Marble

Hi Goddesses

Wow, I feel I owe you an apology - it is REALLY difficult blogging with a kitten!  Ha ha.  Bluebelle is super cute, and you just want to watch her all day, and then I find myself quickly painting or typing whilst she's having a cat nap :)  Here's a quick pic of her.

So today's post is one I prepared before the challenge started, and you may remember it.  This started out as the water marble for Day 1, which you can see here.

I then used some ultra cool wavy nail strips I have, and painted in the gaps with the STUNNING Bettina 191, and voila!   

I love those stickers so hard, and there's more of them to come before we end the challenge.  They have a really good degree of stickiness to them, so I've found them cleaner and crisper to use than striping tape.

The principle is exactly the same as striping tape tho - do your base mani and top coat it and leave it to dry for a few hours or even til the next day, then apply your tape or stickers.  

I got my stickers off eBay, but if you can't get any don't worry - all you really need is some Sellotape and some wiggly craft scissors, and ta-dah, you can create your own version.

Simple, but stunning - enjoy xx :)
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