Tuesday, 27 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 27 - Zig A Zig Aaaah

Hi Goddesses

Ah, sadly, the end of 30 Days of Purple is drawing near, but I hope we're going out on a high.  I genuinely love everything I've done for these final few days, and I hope you do to.

Today we're once again breaking out possibly my favourite "extras" purchase of the year - my nail stickers.  If you've been reading a while, you'll have seen these before.  They were a great eBay buy and come in all sorts of styles.  You apply them like nail tape, but you get a pattern instead!

Today it's the turn of the zig-zags and there's something really edgy and dramatic about this.  All day I was thinking of David Bowie lol, so I may have to do something along those lines at some point!

Now, being an utterly crap Crumpet, I can't remember what the dark polish was!!  I'm so sorry.  I *think* it was a Duri, but I'm not sure.  Because I had to tidy the nail room for Bluebelle, all the polishes for my not-yet-posted posts have been tidied off the desk ... sorry :(

I CAN tell you that the metallic is the glorious Mink Mitten by ManGlaze.

If you love nail art but lack a steady hand, I really urge you to track these strips down.  Failing that, you can use good craft scissors and sellotape to get the patterns you want - it's worth it!

Enjoy xx :)
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