Saturday, 10 November 2012

30 Days of Purple - Day 9 - NerdLacquer Cold and Calculating

Hi Goddesses

Apologies that my scheduling is a little off at the moment, but with everything that has happened over the last week, I decided that first and foremost this needed to be a weekend of rest :)  I will get all my scheduled posts done, but maybe not on time!

So, I had something TOTALLY different planned for Day 9, and then I woke up yesterday to the AMAZING news that Amanda from NerdLacquer is coming back :)   And so, what better way to honour her than to pick a purple and splash it all over the blog?!

For those of you who don't know, about 8 months ago, before there were 63 million indie polish sellers, NerdLacquer was one of the most famous 2 or 3 polish makers, alongside Lynnderella and Lacquistry.   When her shop last opened in March, Amanda was overwhelmed by the amount of orders, but also overjoyed, because it allowed her to quit her job and focus on polish making full-time.

And then she closed her shop.  She apologised, said that her mother was ill and they were moving house, and that she would be back soon.  Except she never came back.  For some ladies, that meant unfulfilled orders.  For most of us, it meant unanswered questions and concerns - where was Amanda, was she ok, hell, was she even still alive?

So for the last 7 or 8 months, that's all there's been, speculation.  And then yesterday, Amanda posted the news so many of us had been waiting for.  I'll let you read her post HERE.   Basically, her mother got worse and ultimately died.  If you've ever nursed a relative through a terminal illness or suffered the loss of a parent, you'll have some knowledge of how debilitating that can be.  Wouldn't YOU stop the world because you wanted to get off ?

So very soon, NerdLacquers will be available again, including some polishes in tribute to Amanda's mother.  I for one can't wait, and I truly hope that everyone who had an order unfulfilled allows Amanda the time to get back to room temperature and make amends, as I have no doubt she will.

Not only am I glad that the nail polish world has one of its true visionaries back, I am glad that Amanda is safe, alive and relatively ok.   We all make so many "friends" in this internet world, but when things go wrong, we realise how little we know about the person, and how to REALLY reach out to them, and help.

Finally, before we get to the polish, I think this proves what a polish lover Amanda is.  Can you imagine the BALLS it took to come back, in the same name, and explain what happened ?   I always hoped she would, and now that she has, well, it feels a lot like Christmas :)

So, onto the polish.  Cold and Calculating is a typical NerdLacquer glitter soup.   Totally opaque in 2 coats, and utterly effortless to apply.

The purple here, ironically, is warm, and I think I would have preferred a darker, colder tone.   Silver glitters are emdedded in the polish - they never stand out as being overtly silver, instead becoming one with the base, and adding twinkle to the warm berry tones.

Enjoy xx :)
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