Saturday, 24 November 2012

30 DoP/D24 and Sat-ART-Day Club - One Stroke Mani

Hi Goddesses

Oooh what a busy day!  I haven't loaded a lot of posts yet, but I've done more painting than I have for weeks, and I'm excited about the next few weeks and the inevitable Christmas Challenges!

Today's Challenge in Sat-ART-Day Club was one-stroke-mani, and as it's Day 24 of 30 Days of Purple, I decided to combine them.

These are my polishes - 
Nails Inc - Charlotte Mews - 2 coats as my undies (coming soon to a Work Wear Wednesday)
Nails Inc Duchess Street
OPI Planks a Lot
OPI DS Original
Claires Cosmic

So, how is this technique done?  Well firstly, there's several ways / patterns for one stroke manis.  All of them involve getting all the colours on your nail art brush and then swiping in some sort of movement - either a straight line, a curve or a flower shape.

I decided to recreate something I first saw months ago on Neverland Nail Blog, where Lindsey found a great use for the fan tail brush you get in nail brush kits!

To do this mani is ridiculously easy - I decided to use 4 polishes, but if you have narrower nails, you might need 3.  As it was, poor Cosmic barely made it on to any of the nails :(   On my plastic surface, I placed a good dot of each colour, in a row.  I then dipped my fan tail brush in it, so that the polishes were lined up horizontally along the brush,  and then swiped it once down my nail.  AND THAT'S IT !!!!

This is also a really economic use of polish.  For the second nail, I turned the brush over, as there was still plenty of polish loaded on it.   And then I managed to do the next 3 fingers with another brush load.

This mani is also a splodger's paradise !!  It's arty in that inexact and random way I love, and I really did like this mani.

One final word - I deliberately tried to add a little texture, and the use of a holo was literally a stroke of genius.  It bled into the other polishes in a way I couldn't have predicted, and added a dazzle factor that was just heavenly.  Don't overdo the texture though - you don't want a holo competing with a duochrome, a metallic and a glitter, as it will just bend your eyes out of shape!

Enjoy xx :)
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