Saturday, 3 November 2012

A to Z of Polish - D is for Dollish Polish

Hi Goddesses

Wow, it seems a long time ago that I started this series.  I really hoped to be steaming through it, but each post takes soooo long to put together .... yup, that's my excuse.

So, brands that begin with D .... Dior - don't own any, Different Dimension - new indie maker, polishes look sensational, Dandy Nails - don't own any ..... but I DO own lots of Dollish Polish :)

Dollish was perhaps the first indie brand I feel hard for, and it's still a brand I have a lot of affection for.  All of Dolly's polishes are top quality, and if you're looking for an indie brand to try, she's a great starting place.   Her polishes apply perfectly, and whilst she does make a lot of glitterbombs, she does other types of polishes too.

In ye olde days, Dollish Polish used to sell on Etsy, and now she's moved to BigCartel, Overall Beauty and Llarowe.   She releases themed collections which have a whiff of nostalgia to them, and she has a genuine eye for what makes great colour combinations.

I can honestly say I have never been disappointed with a Dollish.  Sure, there have been some that once I've worn them I decided they "weren't me", but every single one has been made with quality and creativity.  

Here are some from the Crumpet vault -

Nice Scrunchie, Heather - pure 50s perfection

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - blue + copper = sublime

I'm A Material Girl - pink girliness

Random Dancing - my favourite glitter of all time

Hip Hop Hippity Hop - pure sweet girliness

Putting On The Ritzzzz - a black and white glitter that's as good as any glitter out there

Zombie Flesh - green perfection

Deadly Nightshade - purple and green gorey awesomeness

I still have a few more Dollishes I've not managed to wear yet - jeez, I think I could do 365 Days of Untrieds .... sooooo naughty.

Enjoy xx :)
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