Sunday, 11 November 2012

Black Cat Lacquer - Swatches and Reviews

Hi Goddesses

A couple of weeks ago I finally purchased my first Black Cat Lacquer polishes.  I think for a long while Sabrina didn't ship internationally, but now she does and this EXCITES me (though it makes my wallet weep lol).  Anyway, Sabrina was nice enough to also include 5 polishes for me to review - and here they are.

Sunset is a great glitter, with yellow and blood orange glitter in varying sizes.

There is something so HOT HOT HOT about this glitter, and I can't wait to wear it over brights in the summer.  I layered it over China Glaze Velvet Bow to make it Christmas appropriate, but I think this one's heart belongs to the heat wave.

There's a lot of multi-toned goldy based glitters at the moment, but this is sufficiently different to my others.  I can't wait to try it over purple.

Party Monster - aw how cute is this!  Bubblegum pink with pop art glitter.

This is like the tweenie sister of Candy Shop - it's brighter, and more childlike in the choice of glitter colours, and all the better for it in my opinion.  I layered this over Color Club In Bloom, a medium bubblegum pink.

I love the brightness of the glitters against the pink - this is a super happy polish.

And then there's The Skinner.  I really did not like this one.   It merges dreadfully with my skin tone, and I felt like a mannequin with a rash lol.

This does look like grazed skin, and that might be the point of the polish.  This required no undies and was opaque in 2 coats.

In the Etsy shop, the glitter looks a little darker, and I think that would have been better.  Mine looks rose gold rather than dark pink, and I think more of a contrast would have helped here.   That said, this polish is totally unusual and unqiue - I've never seen anything like it.

My favourite polish of the entire bunch is this - Bay Harbor Butcher.   Now, 3 weeks ago, I didn't know what this meant; NOW, having developed an obsession with Dexter, I totally get the name of this polish :)

This one is absolutely sensational.   I layered it over OPI Ski Teal We Drop.   This is electric blue and black glitter and wow, it's just .... wow.

There is something very otherwordly about this polish, but I can't decide whether I think it looks like an underwater world or a galactic one.

Anyway, it's absolutely stunning.

And finally we have Doomsday, a gold glitter, which I layered over KIKO 224.  They made for a very autumnal combination.

As the glitter was quite dense, I decided to apply it strategically, so that you could still see the undies, and I'm glad I did.

This is a gold glitter of multi-sized hexes, very bling, very dazzling.

You can buy Black Cat Lacquer at her Etsy shop HERE and you can follow her on Facebook HERE.  All the polishes applied easily and effortlessly, and there was no poking around for glitter or problems with distribution.

In my experience, Sabrina has a great eye for colour, and is not shy in creating combinations which clash, which I personally love.  These polishes were sent to me for my honest review, and don't forget, there's still a few others which I bought which you'll be able to see on the blog soon.

Enjoy xx :)
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