Monday, 5 November 2012

CROWSMAS Part 1 - The Crows Toes Christmas Polishes

Hi Goddesses

I was beyond excited last week when the lovely Lauri sent me all 8 polishes in her Christmas Collection.  I am a massive fan of Crows Toes, and whilst not every single polish is perfect for me, there is always something to admire in what Lauri creates.

I've divided the Collection in 2 as a trial to see how you feel about seeing more polishes in 1 post.  Usually I do them individually, but let's see how this goes.  Today we're going to look at Maxxed Out, Her Goose Got Cooked, Hellfire and Holly and A Christmas Crow.  To be extra festive, they are all layered over Christmassy colours.

I'm going to start with Maxxed Out as it was the one I was most excited about.  Will you LOOK at this ??  This is just dazzle in a bottle.  Gold and diamonds, bling and rings, crushed baubles .... the full golden 9 yards.

I'm not sure I own a glitter as sparkly as this.  OPI Servin Up Sparkle is probably about as close as I can get, and that is just silver.  This is silver, gold, holo - and loads of wow.

You can wear this as you want - as a topper, an accent, just on the tips or on it's own, where it will build opacity to give you a manicure so dazzling it could take down satellites!  

I wore this over Barry M Blood Orange.  Winner.  I just love the sugary quality it has.

Her Goose Got Cooked is Maxxed Out's older sister.  She's slightly darker, but has that same blingtasticness going on.  However, she was sooooo dazzling that she was really tricky to photograph.

HGGC is really unusual.   I don't recall seeing many polishes this shade.   Gold, copper, rose gold, peach, palest pink, all combine deliciously - it's a truly unique concoction.

I wore this over Barry M Watermelon - a like how the drama of the dark green really plays up the delicacy of the glitters.  There's something quite 1930s and flapperish about this one.  A surprise love.

Hellfire and Holly.   I expected this to be my easy favourite from the bunch .... and it's not.  Now I think this is partly because I am always looking now for something different, it's certainly no reflection on the polish, which is a lovely mix of red and gold glitter.

However, this polish was a bit shy, and it's not til I got her under different lighting that I noticed all the pink glitters nestling there too.

I layered this over Barry M Gold Foil to play up the gold.  I've remarked before where polishes remind me of Marilyn's red dress from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - well this one really did.

So if HGGC was 1930's Crow, this is probably 1950s Crow - classic, timeless, and full of Christmas cheer.

And finally we have A Christmas Crow, the odd one out from the bunch because he needs no undies.  No, sir.  He can go commando with aplomb, and reaches perfection at 3 coats.

I was nervous of trying this, as this shade of polish is never my friend, but the browny tinge to the black jelly really adds light to this polish.  My camera lighting is quite cold, so it's leeching out some of the goodness of the orange micro glitter, but on the nail this was very warm.

It was also very Bonfire Night.  This looks like burnt sugar, pumpkin spice and, in fact, has similar colour tones to a lot of the Halloween polishes we saw, so I feel this Crow is a little out of time.

I'll show you the other 4 Crows later in the week.  In the meantime, how do you get your paws on them???!!!  Well, very soon is the first answer, and here's the second part of your answer - 

The polishes will be stocked at Overall Beauty and Llarowe.

Llarowe's exclusives are:
A Christmas Crow
Her Goose Got Cooked 
Jingle Balls

Overall Beauty's exclusives are:
Blue Christmas

Hellfire and Holly, Making Christmas and Maxxed Out will be available at both retailers.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.

Enjoy xx :)

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