Sunday, 11 November 2012

CROWSMAS Part 2 - The Crows Toes Christmas Polishes

Hi Goddesses

Today we have more Crows Toes loveliness, namely - Jingle Balls, Blue Christmas, Bah-f!@#$%g-humbug and Making Christmas.

If you want to see Maxxed Out, Her Goose Got Cooked, Holly and Hellfire or A Christmas Crow, they are all in the Part 1 post, HERE.  All the glitters are swatched over Christmas coloured polishes.

Blue Christmas was a surprising favourite.   It's a much finer glitter than most of the collection, and as you know, I am less keen on these types of glitters.

However, layering it with an undie was totally the way to go - here it's layered over KIKO 400, a silver holo.

This is a fabulous mix of ultramarine blue and black, and 2 coats gave a dense but evenly spaced coverage.

Jingle Balls aka The Green One.   Lol, no surprises for guessing this wasn't my favourite :)  HOWEVER, it IS about as perfect as a Christmas polish can get.  (This is layered over Barry M gold foil).

This is basically a Christmas tree, adorned with tinsel and baubles, and then whizzed through the blender.  It's a literal Christmas tree for your nails.

Although very green, there's also a lot of gold and red in here too.  I've seen other swatches with stars in them, but either my bottle doesn't have them, or they're hiding very very well :)

I wanted to swatch Making Christmas in a totally different way.  Too often, layering polishes doesn't convey all of the wonder of the polish, so I decide to stripe this one over OPI Black Onyx.

Again, this is so Christmassy you can almost smell the pine needles.   Red, green and silver glitter, crushed to within an inch of it's life, and so damn sparkly I bet you can see it from space.

In fact, it was sooooo sparkly, the camera had a hard time staying focussed!

And finally, a polish I didn't think I'd like at all.   Although Bah-f!@#$%g-humbug undoubtedly has the best NAME in the Collection, it's also the least Christmassy in tone and composition.  Yes there's a lot of gold in there, but when did tealy, turquoisey glitters become Christmassy ?

Well frankly, I don't even CARE.  Layer this over white, and it is just TO DIE FOR.  This glitter is sensational.

The mix of colours is stunning and arresting, and the white base accentuates the crispness of the aqua tones.

As I said, I really didn't expect to like this, but I absolutely LOVE IT.

So out of the 8, which are my MUST HAVES ?  

Well definitely Maxxed Out - it's Christmassy but also a year round polish

Her Goose Got Cooked - unique tones to this glitter combo

Bah ********* Humbug - sensational mix of glitters

To be fair, there's not a dud amongst them, and I like that there's a mixture of toppers, jellies and full coverage glitters.   

All the Crowsmas polishes are available to buy right now - 

The polishes will be stocked at Overall Beauty and Llarowe.

Llarowe's exclusives are:
A Christmas Crow
Her Goose Got Cooked 
Jingle Balls

Overall Beauty's exclusives are:
Blue Christmas

Hellfire and Holly, Making Christmas and Maxxed Out will be available at both retailers.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.

Enjoy xx :)

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