Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Digit-al Dozen Does Music - ABBA!

Hi Goddesses

As a little girl who was born pretty much at the time the group was created, ABBA were a key part of my childhood.  I have so many memories of singing their songs, over and over and over, and their music, to me, still represents pure joy.

I thought for this mani I would just end up doing their famous logo, but trawling around Google, I found this graphic .... and I began to wonder.

In some ways this is simplicity itself, in other ways, it's REALLY difficult, because it can't just look "nice", it HAS to look like what it's supposed to.

Just so there's no confusion it's supposed to be Bjorn on the index, Agnetha on middle, Frida on ring and Benny on pinkie.  Frida is definitely my favourite, but I'm a little disappointed with how Agnetha turned out.

A bit like yesterday, I thought I'd give you the details of my favourite ABBA songs, but this time in no particular order - 

Name of the Game - ugh, my very favourite

SOS - those harmonies, that piano!

Take a Chance on Me - ABBA The Album probably represents the height of my love for the group.  I was 7 at the time AND they'd just released a film.  The album sleeve had the lyrics on it, and me and my hairbrush sang it ALL day long.

Kisses of Fire - not famous, but damn sexy, and I love how it goes from sleepy to rampant in a heartbeat!

When I Kissed The Teacher - an album track, stunning production, amazing harmonies

You'll notice Dancing Queen is NOT one of my favourites.  It's a bit like my equivalent of green nail polish, I can appreciate it, but I never quite love it lol.

Enjoy xx :)

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