Thursday, 8 November 2012

Digit-al Dozen Does MUSIC - Music!

Hi Goddesses

Sorry, today is my suckiest mani of the week, but fear ye not, I have a great one tomorrow!

In the end, I think I had too many choices, and I couldn't decide what was the best one to do.  I found an awesome soundwave graphic, but it just seemed too similar to the graphic equalizer, so we'll save that for another time.

Whilst I was Googling, I fell in love with this image - 

There was something about it's simplicity and cartoonishness that I loved.  On the nail, not so much.  And ironically, it's the bits that work best in the image that work least well on the nail.

I did the 5 lines across all the nails, but me being "big" in how I draw things, we only got as far as 3 lol.   I think my treble clef (??) would have been better with a better brush - gggrrrrr.

I think the middle nail is probably my favourite.  I did headphones on my thumb, because that's my preferred way of listening to music.  I wish I'd added a bit more to the thumb tho - the colours are too stark.

Oh well, some you lose!

Enjoy xx :)

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