Sunday, 18 November 2012

Guest Post - Beyond Beauty Lounge it's Forever Autumn!

Hi Goddesses

A couple of days ago, I had the chance to guest on my friend Mercedes's blog, Beyond Beauty Lounge.  Here it is :)


I'm thrilled to be guesting on Mercedes's blog today - most of you will have never heard of me, but that's ok!  Let's have some fun :)

I'm doing a Forever Autumn themed week on my blog this week, and when Mercedes asked for a guest post, Autumn was all I could think about.  There's something about the mix of oranges, rusts, golds, greens that I just LOVE.

My base polish ... can you guess what it is ?  Well, I can tell you that it's NOT OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby, although it looks almost exactly like it.  It's actually a £2 polish by a UK brand called w7, called Burnt Amber.  It's got the same burnt look that DYWMB has, and that glorious shimmer, but it's cheaper!

I bought lots and LOTS of nail art goodies a few weeks ago, and haven't really done much playing with them yet.  I hunted through my big box and found these gorgeous glitters, which I thought looked a little like leaves.  Now yes, I do agree, they probably ARE 4-leafed clovers, but let's pretend, shall we ?

In the pots, these glitters were a superbly decadent blackened green, a nudey gold, and a salmony orange.  Put them on the nail and ...... oh.  They flash different colours!  They don't look like their true colour!  Oh my, it's an autumn forest on my nails lol.

It's not particularly sophisticated nail art, I grant you, but do you know what, right now, with it's lovely warm colours, it's making me smile and forget the true grey, stormy, destructive side of autumn far too many of you are facing at the moment.

Stay safe, and enjoy :) xx

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