Sunday, 25 November 2012

Haul Post Part 2 - The Purchases

Hi Goddesses

So here's the second part of my haul post - these are the polishes I have purchased in the last 2 months and ... er, there's rather a lot.  Eeeek!

I'm going to start with all my purchases from Llarowe.  Oh this caused me some stress!  Lol.  When I first saw the swatches of the new Hare Collection, I knew I had to have them ALL.  Such preciousness ... aaah, to die for!  So I stalked Llarowe's website, and by whatever luck, managed to buy every single one I wanted - and I think I was one of a very few who managed that.

I spent the next couple of days skipping along, overjoyed that my guardian angel had looked after me so well.  Now, I usually get my US packages after 7 days, 14 at the most, but suddenly it was 3 weeks since my order, and I was panic stricken.  Leah Ann, lovely as always, confirmed the tracking number, and that it was STILL stuck in LA ... and so I waited.

Now, being a Crumpet, I wait about as patiently as a shark does when it smells blood in the water, and for the next 8 days my impatience grew and grew and grew.  Luckily, Leah Ann understood my panic, and we joked about whether I should get a dinghy to row out and greet my polishes.

Well, eventually, they arrived. PHEW!  After about 4 weeks,  which is the longest I've ever waited - and of course, it's going to happen with the package you're most excited about.  I don't know WHAT they were doing with it in LA, but look, ALL OF THESE ARE MINE !!!!!

In a separate box, I also ordered some other goodies from Llarowe.

You're Turning Violet, Violet, Wicked, Tricksy, False!, Bitches Brew

I was very excited to receive my Emily de Molly order.  Emily is now on Llarowe, but I ordered these from her Etsy shop back in August.  Guess who didn't read the part about how they would take 3 months to ship from Australia?  Dumb ass Crumpet ....

I am also really excited about Different Dimension.  Missi's polishes look AMAZING, and I can't wait to try them.

I did a little bit of splurging at Ninja Polish.  I've resisted the Laylas for a long time, mainly because I was so disappointed with the quality of the holos, but then someone posted a swatch of the velvety goodness of their Soft Touch Collex .... and I was doomed.

And then we have my eBay purchases.   I finally caved and bought the last 2 OPI Suedes I wanted - Lincoln Park After Midnight and We'll Always Have Paris.

I also bought the only 2 polishes that interested me from the Skyfall Collex - The Spy Who Loved Me and Tomorrow Never Dies.

I've been on a quest to find the "perfect" grey - call it a rainy November kind of polish quest - which resulted in these 2 bundles.

I then found quite cheaply these mirrored polishes.  They're a UK brand that I've never heard of, but this autumn I've really been yearning polishes with texture.

And a couple of Essies I'd been half yearning for a while ....

And then .... drum roll .... my eBay purchase of the CENTURY !!!  I shit you not, this was EPIC !!!  Originally, this included another 8 or so polishes that I have since swapped away including the HTF OPI Route Beer Float and Chicago Champagne Toast.  In all, there were over 20 polishes, and I grabbed them for about £80, which I know is a lot ....  but just WAIT til you see what was in the bundle.

So, lots of Nails Incs - there were a lot of nudes and browns that I swapped, and these that I kept.

Little Miss Naughty, Covent Garden Ballet, Charlotte Mes, The Southbank, Sydney Street

Some fab OPIs - 

Bogota Blackberry, Purple With A Purpose, Romeo & Joliet, unnamed and Grape Set and Match

and then some OMFG legendary OPIs !!!

La Boheme !!!!  Black Tie Optional !!!  and You Ottaware Purple !!!!  OMG !!!!!

Whew!  And that's it.  

Enjoy xx :) 
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