Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review - Ninja Polish BLING! Collection

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, I ordered my DRK-C plate from Ninja Polish, and Rhonni very kindly slipped 3 polishes in the package and asked me to review them.

I must be honest, I buy a LOT of my polishes from Llarowe, but recently, Ninja Polish has really upped its game AND started making their own line of polishes.  Even so, I thought they might be erm, "ordinary".  Oh dear, oh very deary me, how wrong I was.

When these 3 babies fell out of the box, I literally gasped.  Twinkly, glittery, and full of fairy fire, these 3 polishes are sensational.

Let's start with Eye Candy.  This was the first one that I tried, purely because I assumed it would be my favourite.  I layered this over KIKO 266, an intense, dark Royal Blue.

Made of the same tiny glitter dust as OPI Mad As A Hatter, Eye Candy is pure milled black magic.  Turquoise, violet, gold, black, purple tumble in a clear suspension.

This is like applying a glittery, liquid bruise.  Every colour bends and blends perfectly - it's just glorious, truly glorious.

On my nails, I couldn't decide whether it reminded me more of the galaxy or a particularly dark and sinister underwater cave - either way, it's sublime.

Sexy & I Know It is more or less the same polish but several clicks lighter.  I layered this over KIKO 336, a stunningly vivid bright blue.

S&IKI is a blend of finest turquoise, aqua, and fuschia glitters.   This is a magical fairy ocean potion.

This polish twinkles and winkles like so much happy.  The KIKO base couldn't have been more perfect.

And finally, the polish I expected to be a little bit meh about, but which is not only my favourite of the 3, but is actually one of my favourite polishes of the entire year - Caribbean Reef.

CR is a turquoisey teal glitter bomb, pure distilled mermaid heaven, and I layered this over KIKO 387, a turquoise.

Wow, this one actually took my breath away.  Let's ignore the sparkle for a moment, even though that's almost impossible - what impressed me most about this glitter was how glossy and shiny it was.  It literally GLISTENED.

The colour itself is just stunning.  I've had China Glaze Atlantis in my untrieds box for over a year now, and frankly, owning CR, I don't think I need to bother with it.

This is just pure, twinkly, mermaid heaven.  It glittered like Caribbean seas .. wow, that teeny tiny ounce of holographic glitter ... wow, like the sun bouncing off the clearest ocean.

So there you have it - 3 stunning polishes, and Rhonni is adding to her own line all the time.   You can follow Ninja Polish on Facebook HERE and visit their website HERE.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review and would usually cost $9.

Enjoy xx :)
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