Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sonoma Nail Art - Halloween In The Vines

Hi Goddesses

This is one of the Halloweenies that got away.  I should have posted it in October, but when I was working out which ones I could delay a little, it seemed obvious to save this for Day 1 of 30 Days of Purple.

There is no word for this polish other than stunning.  For a purple glitter loving Crumpet, it really doesn't get much more perfect than this.  Halloween In The Vines is dramatic, rich, decadent and tempting - shall we dive in ?

Like its sister polish, Deadly Zins, this sits in a gently tinted base, but not so much you could build it to opacity.  You can see it best on the ring finger, which is layered over Butter London Muggins.

The polish itself is an orgy of purple - all shapes, sizes and shades welcome - with a little silver thrown in.   It's an absolute riot, and total sensory perfection.

Most of the nails are China Glaze Velvet Bow, a gorgeous deep ruby, which really allows the purple to pop.  Interestingly, the jelly base has tinted the ruby a purplish colour - like the blood of blackberries mmmmmm.

This polish is a total winner for me, and along with Deadly Zins, it's probably the equal best Halloweenie I bought this year.  A couple of Crows and a couple of Polish Bars pushed it VERY close, but it you want rich, saturated, oozing colour, Sonoma is definitely your woman.

Enjoy xx :)

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