Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Work Wear Wednesday - CROWS TOES Bone Daddy

Hi Goddesses

 A slightly unconventional choice today for Work Wear Wednesday, but it's wintry out there, so what the hell !

The lovely Lauri from Crows Toes sent me the entire Halloween Collection, and whilst I'd already bought some (the ones I've shown you already), some I hadn't, and this is the second of the 2 that I am reviewing on her behalf.

Bone Daddy ..... I think I need to give this some play time before I totally make my mind up.  So far, I like what I've seen, I'm just wondering how much further I can push him lol.

Bone Daddy is a milky spectral soup, choc full of hex glitter of various sizes and bar glitter.  I imagine if you were REALLY awesome, you could line a bar up between 2 hexes to make a bone lol.

Usually these glitters are limited to similar coloured bases, and that's why I want to have a bit more playtime.  I layered this over KIKO 329, a lovely delicate barely-grey, and I wish I'd had time to see how it played over lilac and pale blue in particular.

Now, I have owned glitters similar to this in the past, none of which looked good over anything other than the most bland colour.  However, BD has a little secret - it also has luminescent flakies which flash violet when you're not looking, and disappear when you do a double take :)   If you're really quick, you can see them in some of the photos.  (Ignore the yellow though, I think that's the polar opposite of the violet, and it's only the camera that's captured it; it certainly wasn't visible in real life).

Lauri has confirmed that all her Halloweenies will become part of the core line because "let's face it, it's always Halloween at the Crow Bar."  I LOVE that sentiment :)

This polish was sent to me for an honest review.

Enjoy xx :)
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