Tuesday, 4 December 2012

12 Blogging Days of Christmas - Ashley is PolishAddicted

Hi Goddesses

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's first guest post of the holiday season.  Today, just to confuse you, ANOTHER Ashley is guesting - this time it's Ashley is Polish Addicted.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am honored to be doing a guest post for Debbie today!

I decided I wanted to do a design that seems to have become a tradition for me at Christmastime - Christmas lights! I first did this design on my mom two years ago and (I hate to admit this) I used a Sharpie for the string! Hahaha! Last year I did this design on myself and used a nail art striper for the string but used "gems" for the lights. They were cute but I decided I wanted to try it with just nail polish this time. I was in a bit of a hurry when I did these so they are, unfortunately, not my best work. With that being said, I still think they're pretty darn cute!

I used Zoya Veruschka as my base; the lights were done with a dotting tool using Layla Flash Black, Layla Jade Groove, China Glaze DV8 and the red ones are a base of Milani Rapid Cherry with HITS Ares on the top.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! A huge thank you to Debbie for letting me take part in this amazing series of holiday nail art! ♥

I love this !!  I remember trying and failing at this mani last year.  Thank you Ashley.  Join us tomorrow, when it's actually a blogger not called Ashley :)

Enjoy xx :)
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