Friday, 21 December 2012

12 Blogging Days of Christmas - Kim from Overall Beauty

Hi Goddesses

Ok, so today we cheat a little :)  Kim isn't just a blogger, she's the wonderful woman behind Overall Beauty, a superb intermediary selling loads of indie brands and other beauty products - you can follow her on Facebook HERE, and the link to her store is at the end of the post.  She also writes her own blog HERE.

And so Kim decided to do something a little different - sit back and enjoy :) xx


It was a dark night with just a star to guide them to the holy baby due to be born on Christmas day. This child would someday grow up to be the teller of stories of caring for your fellow man. 

Following a star that was so bright it could be seen during the day. What a sight it must of been for the people of that day. 

Starting with the starry starry night. Orion’s Belt may have been where the famous star was shining from.

BB Couture Orion’s Belt with Silver Star to really help bring out the idea of a starry night.

There was just a bright star that night of many nights as the wise men when looking for the child. 

Maxxed Out by CrowsToes reminds me of that star.

Three wise men or where they women? That we will never really know. Think about it, why send men to do a woman's job? 

My wise men would be wearing bright shiny colors.. Making Christmas, Holly and Hellfire and X-Deco over Orion’s Belt
- three matching colors that remind me of what wise men might wear.

They brought with them many gifts of incense and other treasures. Gifts that in their day was valued above all. Gifts they carried with them to give to a child. 

The holy child was born that day so long ago to bring light, joy to a world that to this day needs it so.

Even if this may not be something you believe in or not- the world still needs you to think good happy thoughts, send out good vibes to a world staving for it.

This is my simple idea of a birth of a holy child with the gifts, clothing and starry night shown through nail polish. 

Thanks for giving me a chance to be a guest today. 
All nail polish used are available at

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