Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Best of 2012 - Lilac Polishes

Hi Goddesses

As I am sure you are ALL aware by now, purple is my favouritest colour, so doing 1 post for all my fave purples of the year was just NOT a goer.  Instead, I've divided it into 3 - purple polishes, purple glitters and, today, the lilacs.

I find lilac a really calm and soothing colour to wear.  In the same way that I can rely on orange to perk me up and make me smile, I can always rely on lilac to restore the equilibrium.  As before, click on the name of the polish to go to the original post with more photos.

Silky smooth and super glossy, this was love at first swipe.  Beautiful, luscious and elegant. Love

I'm pretty sure this isn't a 2012 polish, but I only got into Cult Nails this year.  This is heavenly and complicated - a deep dusty lilac with loads of shimmer.

THE lilac glitterbomb of the year, this is confection perfection.  Light, frothy and fun, this is perfect for summer.

Another winner from their Spring Collection, Muggins is smooth, creamy and elegant.  Ultra glossy, super perfect.

Cashmere in a bottle.  Super fluffy and delicate, this is the gentlest lamb of a lilac you will ever find.

Nails Inc - Charlotte Mews (coming soon)

A recent find, I have no idea when this was released.  Blue toned and creamy.  Cool and classy.

Where does lilac rate in your favourite colours to wear?  And are there any other winners I've missed out ?  I don't feel lilac was very well represented by the big brands this year - oh well, maybe 2013 will fix that !

Enjoy xx  :)
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