Thursday, 27 December 2012

Best of 2012 - Polishes of the Year, Part 1

Hi Goddesses

Are you ready?  Are you really REALLY ready ??  We're going to start journeying into the meat of the pie now, and I get to pick my favourite polishes of the year.

I've already divided them into colour, and actually, there will be 2 winners, one mainstream and one indie.  Today, let's do the mainstream.

You'll notice that a lot of the big brands are absent.  I don't know why that is - maybe it was part of my search for something different.  I think Nails Inc Baker Street is *undoubtedly* one of the polishes of the year, but it's not on my list (and I do explain why).  Equally, there was a majorly famous polish I forgot about until I saw it on someone else's list - Max Factor Fantasy Fire.  No other mainstream brand created such buzz (until maybe OPI Spotted) and I remember the postal frenzy of trying to get this to friends in America.  For me though, use it once, and you didn't want to use it again :(

10 - Zoya Megan

Cashmere dreamy and baby lamb perfect, this super soft lilac is just gorgeous.

9 - w7 Mosaic

The little brand that could, and whooped Nails Inc in the process, and at a fifth of the price - huzzah!

8 - OPI - Germanicure / Oktoberfest

I still haven't posted my swatches of these, but oh they did delight me as they were a throwback to the epic OPI days of yore.  However in a Rotterdam / Herring replay, I don't understand why we have 2 almost identical polishes in the collection.  Maybe OPI are like us, and screamed "no, they're SIM-I-LAR!!!!" lol.

7 - Sation - Miss Emo Shuns All

Bizarre name, incredible polish.  Matched only by Barry M Indigo, this definitely has fazers on stun.

6 - HITS - Hula

From their flakie colleciton, this orange lovely lit up my life.  Pure and glorious.

5 - Barry M Gelly Blackberry 

It's so hard to pick a favourite from this collection, but I know I am going to wear this baby out.  Deep, dark and succulent; a one coater; AND she stamps.  Nuff said.

4 - KIKO 336 - Electric Blue

Screw Baker St, THIS is blue!!  Wow, I just love the intensity of this.  For me, it beats Baker St hands down, and it's half the price.  (photographed, but not yet cropped and watermarked!)

3 - Zoya - Song

I had a hit and miss year with Zoya.  I tended to not like some of their stuff til waay after it was released, so I got ahead with their autumn collections and was really disappointed.  No way you can be disappointed with this though - a pure siren's song in blue.  Stellar.

2 - Jade - Vermelho Surreal

A red holo ?  A red holo ?  An awesome red holo ?  Yup.  The holy grail in a $7 bottle.  I have a back up.  Seriously - you should too.

So, what's my polish of the year ??

Well, it's one from early in the year, and god knows I've wittered on about it enough -

Butter London - Disco Biscuit

Argh, I just love this polish.  It's sooo cheerful.  Wearing it makes me happy, though annoyingly, it does require undies.   The shimmer is also spectacular.  Oh I just feel so happy when I think of this polish, and isn't that what a polish should do ??  It's also quite similar to HARE Atolla, and I'm going to do a comparison very soon.

So, how did we compare, you and I?  Well not very well, lol !!  Which either means I am crap, and don't show you what you want to see or .... yeh, I'm crap. 

Your 4th favourite mainstream polish was CG Riveting, which *almost* made my Top 10 .. and one person did vote for Disco Biscuit lol.

So now the race is on for who will make my Top 10 INDIE polishes of the year .... oooooh!  And no, we didn't agree there either lol :)

xxx :)
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