Saturday, 8 December 2012

Best of 2012 - Purple Glitters

Hi Goddesses

So, being a Crumpet, purple glitter is pretty much where my happy is at, and this year has been a great year for purple glitters.  Hallowe'en especially was awesome, and I can't thank all the indie makers enough for their purple deliciousness.

As before, click on the name of the polish to go directly through to the original blog post with more photos.

Sublime.  Wickedly dark and oozing with more darkness, and then lit with spectral blue.  Stunning.

Possibly my favourite purple bomb of the year, this still takes my breath away.  Not just purple, but bits of red and black too.

Cutl Nails - Clairvoyant (untried lol)

Like most of the world, I don't own the famous Unicorn Puke, but I do own Clairvoyant, the polish that replaced it.  Pure flakey heaven - a rainbow in a bottle !

KBShimmer is definitely one of my brands of the year, and Christy's October Collection was PERFECT.  It featured 2 awesome purples - this one was more wine coloured, and flecked with teal.  Amazing

And this was the 2nd - an amazing purple twilit sky.  Deep and dusted with holographic sparkle.  Gorgeous.

Holographic, sugar-dusted perfection, Nebula WAS a unique berry holo glitter.  Lots of polishes have duped it and / or bettered it, so it's no longer perhaps THE best, but a stunning example of Amanda's talents all the same.

The "purple one" from the Mirrorball Collex, this was a glitter lover's dream.  It's the shards that grab me, every time.  Spiky glitter at its best.

Sonoma's Halloween glitters were gorgeous, and this purple explosion was my favourite.  Glorious, just glorious.

The polish which started my love affair with Crows Toes, this polish seemed to be EVERYWHERE, haunting me for the longest time this year.  Finally, it became mine, my precious - mwahahaahhaha.

So there you go - that's a lot of purples!  Which was YOUR favourite ?

Enjoy xx :)
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