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Bucket List 2013 and Do We Want The Same Thing ?

Hi Goddesses

I've been quite surprised by the reaction to my review of my 2012 Bucket List and quite surprised that so many of you liked it as much as you did.  I wasn't going to do one for 2013 but I am a HUGE believer in letting the universe know what you want ... so here goes.

First though, I want to review some of your comments from the Crumpet Readers Poll.  I asked you what your favourite posts were, and also what else you'd like to see on The Crumpet, so I'm going to respond to YOU first.

In terms of the types of post you like, the split was quite close - 

Nail art - 36%
Swatches - 32%
Stamping - 19%

Hallelujah, nail art wins!  Just, lol.   I think what you'll see going forward is a continuation of what I've been doing recently - I'll swatch the polish, and then do art on top of it, covering both preferences in the same post.

In terms of comments you made, I'm not going to respond to each and every one - let's look at some of the common ones, and the more "interesting" ones lol.

More swatches, less nail art
It's funny, in my own little bubble, it never even occurred to me that for some people, it's only about the polish, and nail art just .. well, gets in the way.  Sorry.  There won't ever be less nail art on The Crumpet, but as I said above, we'll learn to live together and incorporate both in the same post - here's a good example.

A tips/tricks section on your blog to show pointers about nail care, cleanup, and things like that
I think this is a fabulous idea.  Nail care isn't my speciality, but I CAN share what I do.  As a lot of you commented, my swatches are also a lot cleaner than they used to be, and I can certainly show you how I've managed that.

Maybe more British brands ?
more HTF, british only brands. :) i like seeing what i cant get for some reason, lol.
A common comment when I ask for feedback (especially from those who like swatches) is how much you like to lust over brands you can't get hold of.  Lol - how masochistic is that ha ha ?  Good news - February is going to be Brit Month.  Every day, there will be a British polish - a swatch, then some art or stamping on top.

I liked the photos of your cat and how you store stuff. So ideas on storage,etc. Also seeing your cat and workspace makes makes a blog personal, like you nearly know the person. Maybe we could watch bluebelle grow with you. I know nothing nail related, but hey it would make your site a little different. Bluebelle's NOTD!! You get the idea.
Ha ha - I LOVED this comment lol.  Well, firstly, Miss Bluebelle now has her own Facebook page - here - so if you want to follow her growing up, and watching her little escapades, and seeing if Beth manages to get her to do tricks lol, that's the best place to go :)

That said, I would love Bluebelle (once she's a bit older and a bit calmer) to be able to pose with the bottles or to have my mani running through her fur lol.  I'm always jealous of LTHP's cat, Muffin, who gets to choose Cris's polish every Monday ....

I enjoy what you're doing, but would love to see more of your "10 Basics", etc. posts!
Another really excellent point.  I do want to do some getting back to basics.  I just need to get January and the new 31DC out the way, and then we're going to go into "let's  do it together mode" - my goal is that I'll show you how to do something, eg a splatter, do a 10 Things You Need to Know post, and then open it up for non-bloggers to post their manis on the blog.  Let me know in the comments if you like the sound of that.   

I would like to see better quality pictures, not so blurry
Hhhhhmmm, I really thought I had sorted this out, but maybe not ?  I am being given firm advice to cut down on the number of pictures :)  If I manage to do that, the photos will be better, because I won't pick ALL of them lol.

Yeh, this was my big fail from 2012, and there's a few reasons for this.
* am I actually good enough to do tutorials?
* I take my photos at the opposite end of the house to the nail room.  To do a tutorial would involve a Crumpet Towers Steeplechase - at least 6 laps !
* YOU my dear reader, are always very quiet about what the CONTENT of the tutorials should be, which then makes it difficult for me to think of what to do
That said, I've invested in some different lighting options for the nail room.  If they work, it will make tutorials - or at the very least, step-by-step photos of my nail art - easy da peasy :)

More posts!
More!  Are you insane lol.  By the end of this year, I will have done 700 posts.  700.  In addition to this I have a full-time job and a daughter.  I leave the house at 7.30 every morning, and depending on what Beth's up to, don't really get chance to blog-on-down till 7.30 or so in the evening.

I have made a conscious decision to reduce the amount of posts I do - not necessarily the time I invest, but certainly the volume of posts.

I love to see your top 5 favorites polishes and makeup every month =D
Hhhhmmmm.  That could be possible.  For the record, you'll probably never see make up here, but that's not to say each month can't end with a Top 10, of which only 5 things can be polish-related ....

Fewer pix of the same angle
Guilty as charged.  See Bucket List.

Guest bloggers!
Now either that means you like to meet other bloggers out there, OR you think my posts are shit and you'd rather someone else did them lol.  Possible.

More matte stamping
What a specific suggestion.  I agree, matte stamping looks awesome.  The one time I tried it, it did not go well, but I will return to it.

comparison swatches
I do think you'll see more of this this year.  I am hoping to clear Mount Untried and then "play" with my polishes a lot more.   I can immediately think of half a dozen comparison posts that are doable.

Maybe more information about different polish brands/ makers
Probably not - I've seen this done really well on other blogs, and I prefer to come up with an idea rather than copy one.

Maybe interviews with other nail bloggers
Some of you may remember I used to do a series called Friday Friends.  I enjoyed doing it, and showcasing other bloggers, but it wasn't massively popular.  PLUS, it required a lot of time to create each post.  Not saying never, but ....

Indie weeks, one brand is featured for a week
Yes, you probably will get some of these.  I have about a dozen Pahlish polishes in Mount Untried, as well as at least 5 polishes by ppppffff MANY other indie brands.  A themed week may be my chosen way to go.  There will definitely be a Pahlish week soon-ish.

Maybe at the end of the post to list all polishes used.  Easier to see than searching through the text when on the go.
Yeh, sorry, I'm just lazy.   I am trying to improve on this :)

Probably a bit more often adding posts from A-Z brand dictionary :D
Lol.  I really did laugh out loud when I read this.  Yes.  I have been shocking on the A to Z of Polish.  I think I did D for Dollish Polish then stopped til I had swatched some Enchanteds lol - which I still haven't done!  I may just have to borrow some swatches from a friend so we can move on.   Smh, I have been sooooo slack at this.

For those of you who wanted a blog sale or haul posts, pay attention :)  I have done 2 blog sales and way too many naughty haul posts.  There is the MOTHER of all blog sales coming up, probably near the end of Jan.  I'm letting everyone catch up financially after Christmas, and then I'll get going on it.  I have SERIOUSLY de-stashed!

A couple of you mentioned you don't like the layout.  This makes me sad.  It'll probably change again though in a couple months :)

Challenges for the readers, tutorials.
Hopefully I've covered this one, above

A 'Search This Blog' link please
Well, there IS a search this blog link .....  it's on the right, just under the followers and Facebook badges.  Maybe it doesn't show as easily on phones ?

You to update/fix your 'My Stash' page
I love this reader.  She tells me this at least once a month.  Sorry.  I am slack. I think of ideas .... I'd then prefer someone else to actually DO them lol.  I will, I promise, I will.  Or, just search for STASH posts.

Maybe some contests for fun, not prizes. 
Oh we can easily do that !!!

How about giving more water marbling a shot?
It's gonna happen!

Maybe some edgier art techniques - you are one of the few blogs that can get away with lots of photos and can fully show off a polish in all it's goodness. Maybe I missed them but things like studs, feathers (I think you did a flocked mani but that too). 
Hhhhhmmm.  I'm all for edgy, but I'm not one for gimmicky. I resisted the caviar trend for quite a while.  I have no intentions of flocking.  Feathers ?    I don't know.  I think there's a fine line between "art" and "real life", and do I think people really wear feathers on their nails in real life ?  No, I don't.  So I'd prefer to focus on stuff that you're more likely to want to see and wear on your own nails.  That said, if I'm wrong, and all the chicks ARE wearing feathers to the office, then cool, I am in :)

I'd like to see your nail art improve.
Cocky answer - me too love!
Slightly hurt answer - I thought it had improved lots this year :(

And to all those who said - I love it how it is, don't change it ...
Thank you!  Of course the blog WILL change, the important thing is to maintain the essence of what makes this blog what it is.

Wow, that's a lot of feedback, so thank you, genuinely, for taking the time to comment.  I always find it so informative, and I like that we have some similar ideas.

So, to the Bucket List!

* the blog will look more professional, without losing it's fun tone.  I really want the manis and swatches and photos to be work that I am proud of, and at the moment, I can't say that about every single thing I post.

* less photos.

* there will continue to be lots of Indies on The Crumpet.  I'm a massive indie supporter.

* there will be a monthly reader challenge - only open to readers who don't have have a blog, or who have a blog of less than 50 readers

* there will be a monthly Small Blogger Award - blogs with less than 300 readers will get showcased

* tutorials - we're coming!  And I will combine this with 10 Basic Things

* the blog is going to have different programming this year, possibly by month.  At the moment, January is the new 31 Day Challenge, and February is Brit Month.  Beyond that, I have no plans, but I do work better with themes.  

* there will be a little monthly round-up

* to be "sponsored" by a British brand, and be an official blogger promoting British polishes.  It would be great to be recognised in that way as well as being able to give back, and promote British polishes around the world.

* to finish the year with over 3000 GFC followers and 2500 on Facebook

* the Crumpet community will continue to share the love and grow via the various Facebook groups (badges are on the left)
Adventures In Stamping
Crumpets Nail Tarts
A Brit of Nail Polish
British Nail Bloggers

* and finally, to be really self-critical.  There's a new era coming on The Crumpet, and 2 of my best friends are going to be merciless in helping me improve.  It's going to be like Boot Camp lol.

Lots of love to ALL of you.  Thank you for making The Crumpet what it is.  I may put it out there, but if you didn't respond the way you do, or take it to your hearts, it would only be words and a few photos.  Thank you for making The Crumpet what it is, and giving me so much pleasure, and so many great friends, at the same time.

Here's to an awesome 2013 xx :)
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