Monday, 24 December 2012

Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 - The Collection of the Year

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is all about which Collection blew our socks off this year.  As we discussed in the mainstream brand post, a lot of the big boys really brought their toys to the table this year, and there is a LOT of good stuff to choose from here.

Ler's get right into it, starting with your favourites :)

I'm going to do this one a little differently, to highlight just how popular some brands were.  So, good ole

who netted 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th positions.

7th place went to the On Safari Collection

6th was the just released Cirque du Soleil

5th place went to their New Bohemians

and in 4th, your favourite China Glaze Collection was ... surprise ... The Hunger Games / Capitol Colors Collection

I can't argue.  China Glaze have had a brilliant year, and surely they've released more polishes and more collections than anyone else ??

Then we have OPI, who scored 2nd and 6th place.  

6th was the Germany Collection - so perfectly autumnal, and full of future classics.  AND it heralded a return to that amazing OPI shimmer.

And in 2nd, the Skyfall Collection.  This one left me a bit cold, but it's your OPI highlight of the year.

In 3rd place, you loved the Zoya Ornate collection.  We've waited a long time for Zoya to do holo, and they didn't disappoint, although they should be shot for that hairy monstrosity they included!

courtesy of Let Them Have Polish

Proving that we love holo more than ANYTHING else lol

Well done Color Club.  I think they've had a really low key year, so well done for pulling victory out of quite an empty hat!

As for MY favourite collections of the year, there were 2.  The Barry M Gelly polishes were OUTSTANDING, and I loved them all.  Super glossy, super pigmented, and a lot of 1 coaters.

And Jade, for their holographic collection.  DEFINITELY the best holos I own, and as you know, I own A LOT.

As a collective, I think the indie makers also deserve a shout out for their Halloween Collections - as a purple lover, they made me VERRRY happy :)

See you soon with more winners :)  xx
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