Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 - Nail Art Blog of the Year

Hi Goddesses

A couple of days ago I declared Chalkboard Nails my favourite nail art blog of the year.  Well, now it's your turn !!

There were 2 absolute runaway winners, 1 blog in 3rd, 4 blogs tied for 4th and 4 blogs tied for 5th.

Ready ?

In joint 5th, we have some cracking blogs.   We have Spellbinding Nails, run by my friend Sarah and probably the best stamping blog in the world.

2 absolute legends - Sonoma Nail Art and Nailside - and then another of my favourite blogs - Nailed It.

In equal 4th, we have 4 impeccable ladies - Kayla Shevonne, Lucy's Stash, Colores de Carol and Chit Chat Nails.

Fishtail braid nail art manicure with a tutorial

And then in 3rd, we have the lovely Leslie from Polish Art Addiction.  Another great blog that's too classy for words.  

It's interesting to note that only 1 vote separated 5th and 4th, and 1 vote separated 4th and 3rd.  However, 2nd place got 4 times the votes that 3rd place did, and number 1 got half as many again.  Let's see who's 2nd.

The Nailasaurus

Yep, it's Sammy from The Nailasaurus - a VERY popular choice.   I totally share your appreciation of her talent, but if I'm honest, her blog is not one I gravitate to.  Maybe it's because she is soooo perfect, and I know I can never reach that level.   One thing I will give her credit for though - she very rarely *just* swatches - she's definitely one blogger who's kept her focus on the nail art.

And finally, Goddesses, your winner (and mine!) ....

Chalkboard Nails

Wow, this is getting really boring :)  I'm not going to share any more of Sarah's manis because by my counting she's hogged at least 2 other posts already lol. But yes, we agree !!!!

Lots of love xx :)

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