Saturday, 22 December 2012

Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 - The Swatch Blog of the Year

Hi Goddesses

So, this post is the first to celebrate our Bloggers of the Year - will your choice be the same as mine ?  Well no, it isn't, but that just adds to the fun :)

With the rise of indie polishes, this has become a harder category to judge.  Last year, there were very much "pure" swatch blogs, and "pure" nail art blogs, but now that some indie makers really ARE artists in the way they compose their polishes, a lot of what I would call nail art blogs - Chalkboard Nails, Adventures In Acetone - have also become expert swatchers.

I really really ummed and awwwed about whether to include those types of blogs in this category.  Eventually (with one exception which I will explain) I decided not to.  After all, these bloggers are in with a shout in the nail art blog category, and the swatchers are not.  So for MY choices, it's swatchers only, or blogs that are PRIMARILY swatching only, but for your winner, I let the votes fall as you cast them, regardless of my own views.

Colourful Lavender Nail Polish Bottles Mousepad

So who were YOUR winners ?

place was a tie between Pointless Cafe, Chalkboard Nails, Let Them Have Polish and Fashion Polish.  All fabulous blogs with impeccable nails.


 is The Polish-aholic, with more votes than all the 3rd place blogs combined.  Congrats!  Jen is a polish superstar.   She churns out sooooo many swatches, and her comparison posts are awesome.  You chose well, readers :)

 and your winner is .....

Scrangie, with more half as many votes again as Jen.   To be fair, Scrangie is a legend.  If I'm honest, I don't personally gravitate to her blog anymore, but I think I do that just to be contrary :)  Her Aprils Fools swatches were genius though.

So, what about me ?

Well, if I am totally honest, I don't disagree with any of your choices.   The Polish-aholic is probably my go to blog for swatches.  If I know a collection has just come out, I know Jen will post it really fast, and for a swatch blog, that's your USP.

Lately, I've also become hooked on Pointless Cafe.   Sheila's nails ... man, I just want to lick them !!  Her nails always look perfect, her photography is great, and her macros KILL.  She has made me want polishes I was convinced were meh - THAT'S a good swatch blogger.

And my final choice would be Manicurator.  This is my slightly "on the line" choice, because Victoria also does some amazing nail patterns, but oh, her swatches are to die for.

Her nails are pefect, as is her skin, her photos are flawless, everything she does drips class and perfection.  She also has a fabulous eye for combining polishes - her glitters are always paired with an unexpected (yet brilliantly chosen) base.   If I could be any blogger right now, I think it would be Vic.

So there we go, we have chosen our first Blogger Winners!  We also have the Nail Art Blog and Overall Blog winners to come.

Enjoy xx :)
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