Sunday, 23 December 2012

Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 - YOUR Favourite Polishes of 2012

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're enjoying this series of posts - I certainly am.  I've really enjoyed finding out what YOU like, and whether we like the same things !

Today's post focuses on your favourite mainstream polish of the year, and your favourite indie polish of the year.  And all I'm going to say is, Colour Me Gobsmacked !!!  (My own picks will be coming soon in separate posts).

Soooooo, let's start with your mainstream polishes of the year.

In equal    we have China Glaze Riveting, definitely one of THE polishes of the year

and GOSH Holographic Hero.  This doesn't surprise me either.  The original GOSH Holographic became legend and was selling for up to $40 on eBay, and whilst the new version isn't *quite* as wow, it still fills the need :)

 You obviously have a lot of love for Zoya, and Aurora was your favourite Zoya this year.

courtesy of Pointless Cafe

Well I did NOT see this coming ..... China Glaze It's A Trap-eze

courtesy of The PolishAholic

And now for your indie polish of the year, some of which even I, with my shopaholic issues, hadn't heard of !!

In equal  Gold 3rd Spectrum 40 Medal 4cm (1.5")  place, we have ......

3 amazing polishes from KBShimmer

Oh Splat

Quantum Leaf - courtesy of Manicurator

and Witch Way

the stunning Cyance Friction from NerdLacquer, courtesy of Things I Love At The Moment

Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate - courtesy of Pointless Cafe

a-England Holy Grail - new version courtesy of Pointless Cafe

AquaDaisy Shazaam courtesy of Pointless Cafe.  More importantly, how did I not know about this purple holo ???!!!

Whimsical Ideas by Pam I Love NY

Cover Band Sticks and Stones courtesy of NInja Polish

   In clear 2nd we have what I was certain would be your winner ..... Floam

So if Floam didn't win, what did ??

Funilla Icing Full Size Nail Polish

Funilla Icing by Above The Curve

Now, what I find quite amazing is that in this post 3 white polishes with multi-coloured glitter have been mentioned, including both the mainstream and indie winners.   I guess that was your polish success story of the year.   Shockingly, as the girl who hates white polish, none of them made my list, but I totally understand why they topped yours.

Enjoy - I'll be back with more winners soon :) xx
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