Sunday, 30 December 2012

Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 - Your Favourite Blog

Hi Goddesses

Today we're going to go through the remaining categories of The Crumpet Readers Poll 2012 AND crown your ultimate blog.

Unfortunately, there were some categories in the poll which just didn't work, and it was impossible to pick winners from!  A classic example was Your Favourite Polish of All Time - nothing got more than 2 votes!

Your Most Used Polish was also funny.  A bit like me, the most used ones aren't the "classics", but the basics - for me that means OPI Black Onyx and (my most used polish of the year) OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  For a lot of you it was Wet n Wild Black Creme or Cult Nails Nevermore.

Lemming was also funny.  There is NO 1 Lemming to Rule Them All lol.  Out of 170 suggestions, only this handful had more than 1 vote - 

Chanel holographic
Enchanted Polish Beatles Collection
OPI DS original
Essie Starry Starry Night
OPI Black Spotted
China Glaze omg
Max Factor Fantasy Fire
MAC Bad Fairy

Max Factor max effects mini nail 45 fantasy fire

Fantasy Fire had 5 votes - way more than other polish, and I guess it is one of the polishes that caused a shark frenzy this year.

Customer Service ... aaahhh, this one did not work at all :(  Again, no clear winner, but lots of brands with a similar amount of votes, and I think a lot of it comes down to where you buy your polish from.  However, you gave big thumbs up to Zoya, Ninja Polish, Llarowe and Lacquistry, Different Dimensions, a-England and Cult Nails so well done to all of those brands.

And so, to your Blog Of The Year ... dum dum dum !

In 5th place, a blog I wasn't even following, but I am now - Lace and Lacquers

In joint 4th 2 great blogs - Let Them Have Polish and The Nailasaurus

In 3rd, it's the woman who can make any nail polish look good, Scrangie.  (Does anyone else say her name to the tune of The Rolling Stones' Angie, or is that just me ?)

In 2nd, another great swatcher, Jen of The Polishaholic.

And YOUR Number 1 blog is ..... Garfields Nails !!  Yay I am so pleased for this little blog!!!  Oh, who am I kidding ??  Of course it's Chalkboard Nails lol :)  Sarah's world domination continues - hurrah !  so she gets a very glittery crown x

Lol.   She's a gem xx  She might very possibly kill me, but she's a gem.   I only know Sarah a little bit, but it staggers me how she has no idea how special or talented she is.  Everytime I have posted her as a winner, she has messaged me to say how shocked she is.  Bless - at least one person in NailLand was shocked then :)

Well that concludes both our Crumpet Readers Poll and my own round-ups of the year.  I do hope you've enjoyed them, they took a MASSIVE amount of work, but I had great fun doing them.

I am now off to maybe think of a New Years Eve mani, and maybe get that Splodgerama tutorial organised for tomorrow, and then after that - GULP - it's January and OH MY GOD the New 31 Day Challenge ... and the Digit-al Dozen ... oh and some polishes I have for review ....  honestly, I do plan to post less .... I really really do :)

Lots of Crumpet love, I leave you with 2 of my favourite things, Bluebelle and Beth xxxxx

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