Thursday, 27 December 2012

MY 3 Favourite Blogs of 2012

Hi Goddesses

Today I'm going to share with you my 3 favourite blogs of the year.  Firstly, a comment.   2 of my favourite blogs of last year were Chalkboard Nails and Let Them Have Polish.  I loved them both for their creative art and patterning, and yet this year, by April, I no longer considered them essential reading.  

Why ? Well, like a lot of other bloggers, they lost sight of what they were about.  You see, by about April, the Indies had really taken off, and they reached out to the best bloggers to showcase their wares.  Now, it just so happened that some of these best bloggers were the best *nail art* bloggers, and instead of spending time producing amazing art, they spent all their time trying to keep up with a review pile.

Luckily, they recalibrated.  They realised they weren't having as much fun, and by the 2nd half of the year were finding ways to showcase the new polishes in art form - hurrah!   And finally, my 3 favourite blogs are the ones that mix indie swatches and nail art perfectly.  In no particular order -

Chalkboard Nails

Well, you know I have a lifelong subscription to the I Love Sarah Club, so it's no surprise Chalkboard Nails is one of my essential blogs.  It's probably the one I would seek out first if I hadn't read blogs for a few days.

Sarah has amazing skills, but also amazing hands, which is why she's in such demand as a swatcher.  Couple that with her fabulous photography, and you have a blogger that any company would want to work with.  I still find it hilarious when I go to a polish website and all I can see are photos of Sarah's nails :)  I would KILL for her nail shape lol.

It's the informativeness of her blog I love the most - she makes a fantastic effort to provide tutorials and guidance.  She really tries to help her readers, which is one of the things that gives her blog such a lovely vibe.

Next we have another lady I have mentioned recently - Vic from Manicurator.


Vic reminds me of Sarah in a lot of ways, and for me, she's also the blog that's developed the most over the last year, and she is now essential reading.  Her swatches are fabtonkulous!  Those hands !!  That baby smooth skin!  That photography!!  And she's fab at picking the right undies for any glitters she's showcasing.  Oh and she makes every polish look lickable :)

She may not have Sarah's mad skillz when it comes to nail art, but Vic is pristine when it comes to nail patterns.  Everything turns out shiny and perfect.  Honestly, if I didn't love her, I really would hate her.

Feel inferior enough yet?  Lol, I know I do !!!  And finally, the last lady in the Holy Trinity - Cris

Let them have Polish!

Cris remains a great swatcher, able to knock em out at an astounding rate of knots!   She's also quite inventive in her undie choices.  I also love that she's got her hand pose down  soooo PRECISELY, and can create all these amazing collages :)

It's her nail art that I return to her for though, and finally, in the last few months of this year, she got her mojo back :)  She's also the best out of the 3 at stamping, and I particularly love the skittle nail looks that she does.  Again, someone who makes it all look so effortless :(

Wow.  So I've just spent the last hour trawling through those 3 blogs, and then looked down at my own nails and realised I have a LOOOOOONG way to go !!!

There is still the result of YOUR fave blog of all to come - stay tuned !!

xx :)
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