Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Favourite Crumpet Posts of 2012

Hi Goddesses

So today we turn to my final wrap up of the Year.  For posterity as much as anything, I wanted to feature what had been my highlights of the Crumpet year.  There will also be a companion post about what I've learnt this year - wow, it's hard trying to keep that one to just 10!

So, here are the manis that made me smile :)  They are in chronological order so that we can check whether I *did* get better :)

Purple Rainbows - 126 views.  2nd Jan 2012

Aw, I so loved this mani!  I was really proud of it and thought it was so creative.  I was gutted when it didn't get more views.

Zoya Sooki Dances The Polka - 177 views - 10 Jan 2012

Aw I loved this so hard.  The perfect red, and then a perfect black and white glitter combo.  When I did this, I thought it was the best mani I had done up to that point.

The Ultimate Purple Holo Comparison - 721 views - 23rd Jan 2012

Lol - at the time I did this post, I owned 14 purple holos!!  14 !!  Who the hell needs 14!! lol.  Epic.

Sponged Lilac Jigsaw - 275 views - 4th Feb 2012

This was the first thing I learnt from the wonderful Sarah at Spellbinding Nails - how to stamp on a sponged base.  It just somehow adds more magic, and this is still her favourite mani of mine :)

Spring Challenge - Blossom Trees - 117 views - 16th Feb 2012

The mani that Beth did!!  Altogether now, aw !!!  Sadly, her interest in polish has waned a bit over the year, but I think she did a cracking job here :)

Spring Challenge - Bulb to a Flower - 69 views - 13th Mar 2012

Beth did this one too and I think she did a CRACKING job, certainly way better than I could have done, bless her little cottons.  

Spring Challenge - Ducks - 131 views - 20th Mar 2012

Ok, this mani made me smile at the time.  I thought the little duck fella was really cute.  Now, I look at it and want to scream "Clean up in aisle 9 please, STAT!"  

Spring Challenge - Butterflies - 210 views - 24th Mar 2012

I was, and am, so proud of these nails.  Proud of how well they turned out, and my nail art skillz, and also proud of the inspired choice to do this mani with a duochrome.  

Easter Bunny - 120 views - 31st Mar 2012

Cute !!  Fluffy tail!  Fluffy !!!

Spring Challenge - Maundy Thursday - 148 views - 5th April 2012

Maundy Thursday is the day The Queen gives out Maundy money to specially chosen people in the UK.  I was so proud that I stamped with a coin for this, and then so gutted that no one seemed to care.  Yes, I am sobbing.

Teal-tastic - 430 views - 6th April 2012

It's a standing joke that I hate teal, so when I did a guest mani for the teal-obsessed Missy from Gnarly Gnails, there was really only one way to go.  Again, super proud, and I thought I'd hit on a mani style that would sweep the world. So I did one for every day that week, in different shades every day.  The green one got 65 views.  Bah.

Petrol Leopardy Thing - 137 views - 15 April 2012

Bettina gradient magic, I almost couldn't stamp over this and had to be bullied into it. Glad they did - I still love this :)

Marvel Hero - The Hulk - 224 views - 14th June 2012

I was VERY proud of this mani.  I really liked it, especially the fact that I limited it to 4 colours.  

Scarlet Mermaids - 133 views - 17th June 

I LOVED these.  I was deep into my Recycled Nails habit here, but I loved everything about the construction of this mani.

DC Comics Hero(ine) - Wonder Woman - 635 views - 21 June 2012

One of my finest mani moments.   LOVED this.

Summer Challenge - Day At The Zoo - 196 views - 25th July 2012

Oh wow I loved this mani.  Still do.  I smile every time I see it, especially the nellyphant tail lol.

Summer Splatter - 96 views - 1 Aug 2012

Not even a 100 views.  Oh wow, this was such a happy mani.  This is a fight all the boo hoos off mani!

MSMD - Britishness - 349 views - 13 Aug 2012

I really loved this splatter / abstract Union Jack, based on the design on a box in my nail room.

Summer Challenge - Fruit Salad - 444 views - 18 Aug 2012

Agh, I loved this.  Rather than make the fruit coloured, I made the base coloured.  Happy dance all the way with this mani.

Pulsating Pink n Purple - 175 - 26 Aug 2012

Super simple, not complex, but the colours together?  To die for perfect.

Summer Challenge - Hothouse Flowers - 174 views - 4 Sept 2012

Man this challenge went on forever, but this is one of my favourites.  I love the total garish clash of the colours.  And that stamp from Bundle Monster is just the dogs.

Teal Mani for IC Awareness - 206 views - 8 Sept 2012

For the daisies.

31DC Day 27 Inspired By Artwork - 278 views - 27 Sept 2012

I loved the bold brightness of this mani.  It took a little while to do, yet somehow looks so simple.

The Sat-ART-Day Club 1950s - 244 views - 13 Oct 2012

I would love to wear 1950s fashion all day, and I would totally have worn the dress in this mani!  

Depression Awareness - Blackness Descending - 330 views - 16 Oct 2012

I am very proud of the posts I have done on depression on this blog, and more touched than you can imagine that they seem to have had a positive impact on so many of you.  This matte gradient was my favourite.

Go Pink Wednesday - Flowers - 165 views 24 Oct 2012

Simple, but oh so cheerful.

Autumn Fishbraid - 345 views - 30 Oct 2012

I was so happy with how this turned out, because I had been so nervous about whether I could pull it off.  Now I know I can, I love them.  So simple and effective.  And somehow, the colour blend here is just perfection.

30 Days of Purple !!!

My favourite challenge EVER.  I loved doing it so much.  It was also really liberating as I had no rules, or structure or plan.  I just played with my purple polishes.  The Contrary Polish Purple Smoke Fishbraid is probably my favourite, closely followed by the splatter - look, I did you a collage!

Graphic Equalizer - 331 views - 5 Nov 2012

This was a really popular post, and had more reaction on my Facebook page than most posts I do.  I think you loved the simplicity of it, and so did I :)

ABBA - 283 views - 7 Nov 2012

Well I thought it was bloody genius :p  :) x

Snowfall - 300 views - 10 Dec 2012

I just love the delicacy of this gradient.  I find it really soothing.

Abstract Christmas Wreath - 220 views - 11 Dec 2012

Red, green and gold, it just never gets old :)  Fabulous colour jumble.

And there you have it.  What a year!  I hope the above reminded you of some of your favourites, but most of all, I want it to be a reminder to you of how much you CAN improve in one year (or less!) and that just because some of your manis may be sucky now, doesn't mean they'll be sucky forever :)

Here's to a fabulous 2013 everyone - love xx :)
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