Monday, 24 December 2012

MY Nail Art Blogger of the Year 2012

Hi Goddesses

In a day or 2, I'll announce who your favourite nail art blogger of the year is.  Today, you get to see my picks.

I have to say, I have MASSIVELY struggled with this one.  MASSIVELY.  I follow a lot of nail art blogs.  Swatching-only blogs don't tend to interest me, so I gravitate towards ladies with skillz.   For the purposes of nail art, we're talking people who do patterns, water marbles, art and stamping.

I literally could give you a list 50 blogs long.  But I won't.  So what I tried to do was imagine I only had 10 minutes spare to catch up on my blog reading - who would I go to first.  And THAT'S how I ended up with the favourites you see.   There's also a list at the end of loads of other super blogs I follow.

One final thing.  My opinions have changed a lot this year, and there are some amazing blogs that don't make this list - blogs like Nail Nerd.  Why?  Because now, I am most interested by blogs where I feel I can recreate or adapt what the blogger does.  For that reason, some of the real killer art blogs just don't make the list - I read them, I shake my head in wonder, but I don't even pin them because I know I have no hope of replicating those skills.

Ok, enough of the waffle - here we go !!!

Gnarly Gnails

My lovely friend Missy is currently missing in action, and I hope she's back very soon.  Her blog is soooo kooky and off the wall.  Endlessly visually stimulating, and her photography is just fabutastic.

Globe & Nail

I want to hate her because she's only 17 years old and already way better than I'll ever be, but man I love Emma's blog.  Simple, clean, bold - all the things I love.

Nailed It

There seem to be lots of blogs and FB pages called Nailed It at the moment, so just to be clear, I'm talking about the girl with the thumb ring lol.  She is a true nail artist, she seems to be able to do just about anything on her nails.  Always awesome.

Kelsie's Nail Files

Another super talented blogger, I stumbled across Kelsie in the summer.  All I can say is it was like that moment when I first found Chalkboard Nails.  Precious.

Chalkboard Nails

Big surprise, huh ?  But honestly, how many of us DON'T idolise Sarah ?  Time and again, she just knocks it out the park.  Constantly inventive, but never in a way that makes you feel you can't at least attempt to do something similar to her design.

She is a massive inspiration to so many bloggers.  Time and again I see something she's done and just gasp - and quite often, it's the simplicity of what she's done that I gasp at.

So there you go, Sarah is my No 1 nail art love - stay tuned and you'll find out in the next couple of days whether she's yours too.

And here's loads of other NAIL ART blogs I adore (if I haven't mentioned you, please forgive me.  If I regularly like or comment, I'm a fan!)

a girl and her polish * bee polished * manicurator * manicurity * dressed up digits * dressed up nails * sincerely stephanie * packapunch polish * wacky laki * adventures in acetone * gorgeois pig * spellbinding nails * kayla shevonne * ooooh shinies * amber did it * lucy's stash * let them have polish * peace love and polish * polish art addiction * work play polish * toxic vanity * creative nail design by sue *

Christmas love :)  xxx
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