Sunday, 16 December 2012

Product Review - RIO Beauty Water Marble Nail Art Kit

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to review any products for a company called Rio Beauty.  I'd heard of them before, as they do a lot of nail art items, and I chose to review their Water Marble Nail Art Kit.

I did what ??  Yeh I did lol.  So why would I do a lunatic thing like that?  Well, as you know, I know HOW to water marble, I've just been having a lot of difficulties with it lately, so I was genuinely interested to see if a proper kit would give me better results.

The kit itself isn't cheap, but you DO get a lot packed inside it.   Basically, it contains everything you need to start water marbling - 

5 polishes
orange sticks
a super fine tool for making the patterns
a pink plastic cup for your water which you can flatten for easy storage
a couple of nail sticks so you can test your patterns
easy to follow instructions with a trouble shooting guide
and best of all, a DVD to guide you through it all

It's genuinely well thought through and well put together, and if you want to give water marbling a serious try, this is going to give you the best possible chance of success.

I tried to take some photos as I went along, so you can get an idea of how to build your bullseye -

and how to make your patterns.

There are genuinely no rules to making patterns.  There are some designs which I think look better than others - such as pulling in from the outside of the circle to the centre - but lots of bloggers have become expert at creating new swishes in the water!  If you want ideas, I would recommend -

My Simple Little Pleasures
Smashley Sparkles
Captivating Claws

These ladies water marble more than most, so you'll see more variety of patterns.

With water marbling, one of the basics is of course to tape your skin so that you don't spend an hour on clean up.  I use regular cellotape.

One of the most annoying things about water marbling of course, is that the best part of the pattern usually ends up on the cellotape lol.  I'm still not a master of getting the pattern exactly where I want it!

Here's a few photos of the nails as they came out of the water -

and the same nails once they were cleaned up -

I deliberately tried to vary my patterns to give you some ideas of what could be achieved.

And my verdict ?   Well, you're gonna think I'm making this up, but without a word of a lie, this is the BEST water marbling I've ever done.  Lol - ironic huh.

Usually the area where I struggle is getting the polishes to spread in the water, but these spread perfectly.  That then made it much easier to make patterns with them.   There may be something unqiue about the composition of these polishes that makes them excellent for marbling.  All I can say is - they work.

So, my overall verdict -

The Pros -
They've thought of everything!  The kit includes everything you could possibly need to get started.
DVD and How To - essential tools that prime you for success
This would make a great gift

The Cons
There's only one con for me - at £24.99 I do think it's pricey, which is why it would make an awesome gift!  However, I do feel that for the price you get a quality product, and it worked for me.

You can buy the RIO Beauty Water Marble Nail Art Kit HERE.

This product was sent to be for an honest review.

Enjoy xx :)
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